2017 #GamerSecret Santa

Ho ho hello! It’s that time of year once again: the frost is on the pumpkin, the falling leaves cast their shadows, and #GamerSecretSanta opens for bzns!

After taking a break in 2016, we’re back for this year’s #GamerSecretSanta, a Twitter-based physical and digital gift exchange for gaming friends to enjoy. More details are below; sign up is now open and closes November 10 at 5pm EST.

Sign Up for #GamerSecretSanta

Swap Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Disco at @DiscoPriest or disciplinaryaction@yahoo.com.

Basic Information

This Secret Santa exchange is an exchange of gifts between Twitter friends who share enthusiasm for games and gaming.

The swap is broken into two divisions: The Physical Swap, with an exchange of physical gifts mailed directly to your recipient, and the Digital Swap, with an exchange of digital gifts sent online to recipients.

You may participate in either one Physical Swap or one Digital Swap, or one of each.

Your privacy is of primary importance to me. Your contact information and name will not be shared with anyone other than myself and your gift giver for any reason. Any person acting in a way that I personally deem to be inappropriate or threatening to the safety and security of any participant will be removed from the swap immediately. Please contact me with any safety concerns at any time.

Physical Swap Rules

Your address and real name, should you choose to provide it, will be seen only by your gift giver and the organizer.

Each physical swap is confined to a region to lower shipping costs. Regions available are:
1 – United States
2 – Canada
3 – Europe
4 – Australia

Participants will only be paired with a person in their region unless you specifically request an international pairing.

The maximum amount that is expected to be spent on these gifts is $70 with a $30 minimum.

It’s a secret to everybody! Keep your identity secret- keep it safe. Don’t forget to include your name and Twitter handle inside your gift package only.

Physical Swap Reminders:

  • Keep your gift recipient’s name secret! Do not reveal yourself to your gift recipient until your box has been recieved.
  • Reveal your identity only inside the box of gift(s) that you send; including your Twitter handle is helpful.
  • Please let your gift giver know when you have recieved their gift, either on Twitter or via email.
  • Take a picture, it’ll last longer! And we’ll post all the pics on a Secret Santa wrap-up blog & Twitter post.

Digital Swap Rules

The Digital Swap includes only digital gifts, including pet or mount codes, digital gift certificates, character art commission* purchases, game time, digital game purchases, and the like.

The maximum amount that is expected to be spent on these gifts is $30 with a $15 minimum.

If you choose to send a purchased art commission, you MAY NOT commission yourself to create the art. If you are interested in exchanging your art with someone else, contact @DiscoPriest for a list of online Art Swap exchanges.

Important Dates

October 1 Secret Santa Registration Opens

November 10 Secret Santa Registration Closes

November 13 Participants receive the names of their Secret Santa gift recipients

November 13 – 30 Backup Registration Available
Backup participants are not guaranteed a partner (but last year I was able to pair up all backup participants!)

December 4 [Physical Swap] Earliest date to mail gift packages
Please do not send gifts before this date

December 14 [Physical Swap] Final Deadline to mail gift packages

December 15 [Digital Swap] Earliest date to email Digital Swap gifts

December 20 [Digital Swap] Final Deadline to email Digital Swap gifts

December 24 All Secret Santa pairings revealed on DisciplinaryAction.org, along with any photos or screenshots of the exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a person I really do/don’t want to send gifts to!
A: No problem! There is a space to indicate who you do/don’t want to send gifts to in the form below.

Q. I have a person I really don’t want get gifts from!
A: No problem! There is a space to indicate who you don’t want to get gifts from in the form below. Anyone you add to this list will absolutely not see your address or real name.

Q: I really don’t like Disco and don’t want them to see my address.
A: I promise not to stalk you.

Q: Can I send gifts to more than one person?
A: Sorry- you can only participate in one Physical Swap and one Digital Swap. However, you may participate in one of each!

Q: I do not live in one of the regions listed. Can I still participate in the physical swap?
A: Yes. Choose ‘Other’ for your location below and add the name of your country and I will work on matching participants with the closest person or people in their region if possible.

You may also choose to participate in the Digital Swap instead.

Q: What happens if I can’t participate after the November 13th deadline?
A: Contact @DiscoPriest or disciplinaryaction@yahoo.com asap and may God have MERCY on your soul.


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