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Warcraft Christmas Crafts, 2011: WoW Beer Bottle Labels

Last year for Christmas, Disciplinary Action created a series of print-and-stick potion labels as our little gift from us to you! It was awfully fun to put them together, and several people sent us delightful shots of their intrepidly finished potion bottles (the bottles absolutely put the labels to shame).

This year, we created a series of Warcraft Beer Bottle labels to assist in your holiday fun! Simply print them out on full-sheet label paper, cut out, and slap over that boring old Budweiser label for a Winter Warcraft beverage experience. We’ve even delivered a six-pack of labels to cover all your bases.

Sprockit Stout, Stormwind Imperial Stout, and Undercity Very Pale Ale were created just for our DA Christmas gift, but Thunder Bluff Honey Wheat, Liquid Goggles, and Longer Stranger Lager were designed specifically for Kamalia at Kamalia Et Alia as part of Blog Azeroth’s Furtive Father Winter exchange.



Self Discipline: The Mark Of The Facebeast

... But I Don't WANNA Be Ubiquitous!

Like many, many, many of us, I am utterly nonplussed at having discovered that only through the magic of Facebook will we be able to utilize the cross-realm friends list coming out in 3.3.5.

I do not care for everyone to see my grown-up, official email address – you know, the one that was so secure you used it to log in to your account- just because they happen to be friends of friends of friends of some decent tank I ran with once and friended.

To avert disaster and maintain some semblance of privacy for those I friend and those who friend me, I have implemented a clever workaround (well, I think it’s clever; more likely everyone’s already thought of it and I’m the last one disembarking the short bus as usual):

  1. Create a new, anonymous email address from a fine establishment like Yahoo, gmail, or Hotmail
  2. Change your Blizzard login email address to the new anonymous one (and get an authenticator, yeah?)
  3. Create a new Facebook page with your new anonymous email address
  4. Amuse yourself by guessing what your main’s favorite quotes might be

The absolutely immense bonus of this, beyond the simple expedient of protecting your privacy, is that it is THE funniest thing ever to set up a Facebook page for your main character. That alone makes it worth the price of admission!

Those of you who wish to leave slavish messages of love upon Disciplinary Action’s Facebook wall may now do so by searching for ‘Liala Jenkins’.