Wildstar Discovery Maps by Zone

Wildstar Discoveries By Zone

The following maps show discovery spots in WildStar for each zone. If you find an additional Discovery and would like to add it to this list, please contact Disco via Twitter or email with a map screenshot of your character on the spot or with map coordinates. Due to the random nature of WildStar discoveries and the possibility of other players triggering the discovery, any individual discovery may not be present. The Discoveries listed, however, are the ones that spawn and re-spawn most frequently for the Discovery Hunter.

Why Search For Discoveries?

Discoveries may contain a buff station, the most common Discovery; zone-specific costumes; Soldier’s Rucksack with gear that may be Salvaged or sold; a “smashed and dismanteled scanbot” which contains Runecrafting boxes and inventory bags; zone-specific pets; and, rarely, a Discovery cave.

Caves are an exceptional way to gain gear, pets, and decor. Caves usually contain a Public Event with cave-specific mobs and a Reward Chest (sometimes they are just decorative, or have a single vendor in them, but usually it’s a mob-specific cave). If you kill all of the mobs in the cave, a Discovery Cache / Cantina Lockbox will generate near the entrance portal. Lockbox keys are purchased through the in-game store, given as login rewards, and rarely found around the world. Discovery Cache chests can contain max-level gear, rare pets, mounts, decor (including Mechari decor), and costumes. Caves are great!

While I was creating the Discovery maps below, I ended up running through over 100 Lockbox keys, purchased from the in-game store, because the rewards from Discovery cave Lockbox Chests are so great that I never wanted to pass up the chance to open one.

Maximize Your Discovery Hunting

Discovery hunting is much more efficient if you pair your Discovery searches with one or more additional collection tasks. Leveling Cooking is an excellent way to spend down time during Discoveries as it encourages you to spend time farming for specific types of mobs. Look at the Discovery Maps to situate your mob farming near a cluster of Discovery points. The Discoveries will pop up repeatedly as you farm, giving you multiple chances to access the same point.

For example, Gallow Fields in Algoroc contains the best place to farm Roan Steaks, which is required in huge quantities to level Algoroc cooking. Gallow Fields also contains 6 Discovery spawn points that continually spawn and respawn; as you farm Longhorn Bulls for Roan Steaks, you can continually access Discovery nodes for caves or sellable gear.

You may also wish to pair your discovery hunting with looking for Pets, completing Achievements, completing Challenges, opening up the zone map, hunting rares and elites, and completing all of the Quests in each zone. Each of these will take you around the zone and near Discovery points repeatedly.

Finding Discoveries

Discoveries are visible in game as a pile of rocks that have a golden glow coming from their center. You can walk/ride around looking for these on the ground, or you can install the add-on RareTracker. Once you have installed RareTracker, go to [Esc] > Options > Addons > and in the top right corner, click “Allow out-of-date Addons to load”.

After you’ve done that, scroll thorugh your add-ons and click on ‘RareTracker’ and then click ‘Configure’. When the configuration screen pops up, type in the word “Discovery” (no quotes) in the box that says “Enter unit name…”. Click ‘Add’. Discoveries will now be tracked every time you’re within 200 yards of them, which will hugely increase the number of Discoveries you’ll find.

If you accidentally close your RareTracker (I do this all the time), type “/rt” to open it back up.

As far as I can tell, each Discovery point randomly may generate any type of Discovery- that is, each point has the potential to be a buff station, a cave entrance, a salvage box, etc. If you’re farming near one specific point and a Discovery keeps popping up there, keep accessing it; just because it was a buff station last time doesn’t mean it will be a buff station this time.

Discovery Maps

Current Maps: Algoroc . Celestion . Galeras . Malgrave . Whitevale

Zone Discovery Map: Algoroc

Discovery Pet: Vulcarrion Dustkicker . Discovery Gear: ‘Refugee’ Set

Zone Discovery Map: Celestion

Discovery Pet: Fiery Stumpkin . Discovery Gear: ‘Refugee’ Set

Zone Discovery Map: Galeras

Discovery Pet: Augmented Buzzbing . Discovery Gear: ‘Colonist’ Set

Zone Discovery Map: Malgrave

Discovery Pet: Dusty Chompacabra . Discovery Gear: ‘Rapscallion’ Set

Zone Discovery Map: Whitevale

Discovery Pet: Whitevale Pumera . Discovery Gear: ‘Professor’ Set


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