The Making of Stained Class: The Druid

I always think it’s endlessly entertaining to watch how things are made: crayons, sweaters, laws, sausages- you name it, I want to see the process from start to finish. I particularly love to watch people painting or drawing. To me, it’s the best way to improve as an artist, whether on the computer or by hand.

I’ve tried to make the process of creating the Disciplinary Action comics as transparent as possible to encourage anyone who has a story to tell to consider this medium as a non-frightening palette for expression; you can watch many of the comics come together live or archived on the Disciplinary Action Livestream.

For quite a while I’ve wanted to record the creation of the Stained Class pieces and turn them into a fast-moving short. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented the live recording from working, but I did finally manage to get it all working together and went back to the original files and recorded a brief walk-through of the Druid (though it was already completed).

There have been a number of requests to see the process in action, and I’ll certainly be recording the creation of the next piece (vote to choose who gets the next Stained Class here) in higher resolution. For the curious, I’m recording using Fraps and putting it together in Windows Live Movie Maker (shameful, I know, but trying to figure out Adobe Premier Pro made me want to shank someone).



  1. That’s pretty amazing, Disco! I’ve really enjoyed the series. Not only do you always come up with great ideas, but you find ways to interact with your viewers and include them in the process. You’re truly a treasure to this community! ❤


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