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Episode #31: Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from Disciplinary Action

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Disciplinary Action Does Star Wars: The Old Republic

Good news, everyone!

Starting soon, Disciplinary Action Adventures will continue to feature your favorite WoW characters, but will also feature new content starring the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You’ll still be able to find your favorite World of Warcraft cartoon characters and info right here on Disciplinary Action (same priest time, same priest channel), but we’ll be mixing it up week to week depending on what strike as funny at the moment. The Orc Detective will, of course, continue to be updated (only four more episodes until the exciting conclusion!).

DA will also begin to include a plethora of Consular healing information, in addition to our Discipline Priest guides and tips.

Our first SWTOR comic is ready to go and is just waiting for the SWTOR official release date announcement. In the meantime, take a gander at this exclusive sneak preview of our sexy new Disciplinary Action logo.


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Warcraft Twitter Class Icons

For a bit of fun, I thought I’d turn a standard, very well-known Twitter bird icon into a series of WoW Class Icons. I wish I knew who made the original image to credit them, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out. The colors for each bird follow the color conventions of the in-game map dots.

The Druids get a little something extra, despite being node-stealers; they have an additional tank bird that struck me as amusing as I was working on their final class icon. You’ll find the Bonus Tank Druidbird below the main bird section.

At any rate, feel free to use these for any non-profit icon or avatar use you’d like; credited use is, as ever, much appreciated. Enjoy!

(c) Disciplinary Action - Twitter Druid Tank Image

Bonus: Druid Tank Image

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Stained Class Series: The Priest (Take 2)

All Classes: Gallery

Death Knight . Druid . Hunter . Mage . Paladin . Priest . Rogue . Shaman . Warlock . Warrior

Stained Class clothing, prints, and gifts are available for purchase on the Disciplinary Action store. Personalized commissions available upon request.

After wrapping up all the Stained Class classes, I knew I wanted to go back and re-work the first three (plus the hunter) to fit into the theme that developed a bit later in the process.

Today’s installment is the Priest- near and dear to my heart as it is- in all his or her glory.

I tried to represent the Disc, Holy, and Shadow facets of the finest profession (no slight intended) in the game equally, and am pretty pleased with the results: The ubiquitous Disc bubble, the Holy halos and wide-ranging group heals, the Orbs and darkness of Shadow Priests– plus, of course, our beloved, misguided, and thoroughly unreliable Shadowfiend clinging to his master. I couldn’t resist using my own Disco, Liala, as the model. All in all, it feels thoroughly right (though I understand completely that a BLOOD ELF representation is deepest blasphemy!).

The original Priest Stained Class can be found here, if you feel nostalgic for last month.

Next up are the reboot versions of the earlier Paladin and Mage classes, and then I’ll have to redo the Hunter (the original of which no one liked, including me). So enjoy these, enjoy those, and enjoy what’s coming next.

Available for any non-profit, credited use.

(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Priest, stained glass

iPhone & Smart Phone Background Background

(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Priest, stained glass

iPad & Tablet Background

(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Priest, stained glass

Desktop Background

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