Disc Priest Cataclysm Gear: Levels 70-80


Northrend will likely dominate your 70’s, offering the best gear for your effort. Solo-able Isle of Quel’Danas rewards, high-level tailoring gear, and Hyjal vendor gear will give instance and raid drops a run for their money in these levels.

No level 80-required gear is included in this list. Level 70-required gear is shockingly useful at this point, and picking them up early can carry you through all ten levels with ease.

We’re still maximizing:
Spirit > Intellect > Critical > Haste > Stamina

Check out our Disc Priest Leveling Guide: Levels 70 – 80 (incoming!).

Heirloom gear is not included in this list, but is dicussed here.


An exhaustive list of enchantments would be too exhausting to contemplate, so for each piece I simply recommend one enchantment that I think gets the job done and will serve you well for most of your ten levels. Re-enchanting leveling gear is, I think, neither time nor cost effective given the relatively small benefit you’ll enjoy.



Best In Show: Inquisition Robes

Alternative 1: Sunfire Robe BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Robes of Ghostly Hatred
Alternative 3: Fel Conquerer Raiments
Alternative 4: Robe of Eternal Light

Enchantment: [Enchant Chest – Greater Stats] or [Enchant Chest – Major Mana]


Best In Show: Leggings of Calamity

Alternative 1: Pantaloons of Growing Strife
Alternative 2: Pantaloons of Calming Strife
Alternative 3: Leggings of Channeled Elements

Enchantment: [None until Level 50]


Best In Show: Slippers of the Seacaller

Alternative 1: Boots of the Divine Light
Alternative 2: Soul-Strider Boots
Alternative 3: Frozen Shadoweave Boots BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [Enchant Boots – Minor Speed] or [Heavy Armor Kit]


Best In Show: Kyrstel Mantle

Alternative 1: Amice of the Convoker
Alternative 2: Shawl of Wonderment
Alternative 3: Shoulderpads of Knowledge’s Pursuit

Enchantment: [None until Level 60]


Best In Show: Cuffs of Absolution

Alternative 1: Bracers of Absolution
Alternative 2: Verdisa’s Cuffs of Dreaming

Enchantment: Enchant Bracer – Mana Regeneration or Enchant Bracer – Greater Intellect


Best In Show: Maggotproof Gloves

Alternative 1: Gloves of Tyri’s Power
Alternative 2: Handguards of Defiled Worlds

Enchantment: [Enchant Gloves – Minor Haste]


Best In Show: Aurelian Mitre

Alternative 1: Cowl of the Grand Engineer
Alternative 2: Hood of Hexing

Enchantment: [None until Level 50]


Best In Show: Beauty’s Silken Ribbon

Alternative 1: Belt of Blasting BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Anetheron’s Noose
Alternative 3: Spellfire Belt BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [None until Level 70]


Best In Show: Periwinkle Cloak

Alternative 1: Eagle Ray Cloak
Alternative 2: Burned Gatherings
Alternative 3: Tattered Cape of Antonidas
Alternative 4: Twitching Shadows

Enchantment: [Enchant Cloak – Greater Resistance] or [Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense]


Best In Show: Pipefish Cord

Alternative 1: Acanthia’s Lost Pendant
Alternative 2: Hyjal Savior’s Pendant
Alternative 3: Pendant of Sunfire BEST BUY!


Best In Show: Kibble

Alternative 1: Anthia’s Ring
Alternative 2: Ring of the Great Whale
Alternative 3: Signet of Transformation
Alternative 4: Shadowmight Ring BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [None until Level 70 and then enchanters only]


Best In Show: Witching Hourglass

Alternative 1: Figurine – Sapphire Owl BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Mercurial Alchemist Stone (Requires Alchemy)
Alternative 3: Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury

WEAPON (Staves Only)

Best In Show: Cerith Spire Staff

Alternative 1: Angerfang Staff BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Steelspark Staff BEST BUY!
Alternative 3: Razorwind Staff BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [Enchant 2H Weapon – Major Intellect] or [Enchant 2H Weapon – Major Spirit] (or Lesser versions of either)

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