Warcraft Christmas Crafts, 2010: WoW Potion Labels

A Shamelessly Photoshopped Representation

It may be some weeks yet until Christmas, but I thought we could all use a little holiday cheer and hands-on fun in advance of the season!

If you’re at a complete loss as to what to get your Warcraft playing spouse, friend, or family member, or perhaps simply possessed of the very emptiest pockets this holiday season (and who among us isn’t?), I’ve got the solution to your holiday woes.

Sure, you could send the object of your affection in-game gold, a sparkle pony, or rare drop. But what if you need something a little more tangible to drop in a stocking or push under the tree?

What you need is the Perfect Potion.


  • Glass bottle
  • Full-sheet printer label
  • Food coloring
  • Water (or vodka, gin, club soda, or any other clear liquid)

To create your gift, you’ll need to secure some full-sized sheets of adhesive paper or ‘full-sheet printer labels’, which you can pick up at office supply stores, some drugstores, or online ($10 for a pack of 25 sheets). And yes, using the color printer at work would be very, very wrong indeed, and I’d only recommend that if you’re absolutely certain no one’s watching.

You’ll also need glass bottles with stoppers, which are quite unbelievably cheap- I’m talking a dollar or less. You can find glass bottles at any local craft store (Michael’s, say), or find them online. Amazon has a dizzying selection, as do more specialized stores like Specialty Bottle.

Lastly, round up a 3-pack box of assorted color food coloring at your very favorite grocery store, which will set you back the princely sum of $2.39.

Grand Total: $13.39


  1. Choose one or all of the fabulous designs below, keeping in mind you probably need moar rage. Open the .pdf by clicking on link underneath the image you want.
  2. Print out aforementioned sheet(s).
  3. Take out your safety scissors and cut out the label(s) of your choosing. Do not stab self in eye.
  4. Fill bottle with water. Add food coloring until the effect delights you. Cap that sucker and dry the outside of the bottle thoroughly.
  5. Affix chosen label(s) to chosen bottle. Delight in the effect. Secretly save the best one for your own desk at work.
  6. Present to loved one and claim you thought it up all on your own (I don’t mind).
  7. Bask in the glow of their love.


Please do not reproduce without credit. Not for sale or exchange. Many thanks to my delightful Twitter friends, who were only too happy to point out ways one could meet a grisly end in Azeroth for the Healing Potion label.

Potion of Speed

Potion of Speed

Runic Healing Potion

Runic Healing Potion

Runic Mana Potion

Runic Mana Potion

Flask of Endless Rage

Flask of Endless Rage

Potion of Water Walking

Potion of Water Walking

If you’re not interested in going through the printing process yourself, all of the above designs are available for purchase at the Disciplinary Action CafePress Store.


  1. Oh my! I love this. It’s so cute and creative! 😀

    So does the Runic Healing Potion cure Arthas Menethil, or cure you of the condition “Arthas Menethil”? (Like a sickness, he is!) xD

    And I do adore the Endless Rage, one–that’s an awesome looking label!

    Great job on these! They’re sure to make some WoW nerd giggle for the holidays. Though instead of colored water, I personally would go with filling the bottle with a favored beverage–soda, liquor, etc. That would be tasty and fun! 😀


    • “Are you suffering from an embarrassing case of the ARTHAS MENETHILS?!? DR. CHONG and his AMAZING POTIONS can rid you of that pestilence!!”

      Ha; I actually really like the idea of having a wicked case of the Arthas Menethils. I think I’ll try using that excuse on my next sick day out from the office. I’m so glad you liked it! And of course, do fill the bottles with anything you’d like!

      Colored vodka, now… THAT is a dang GIFT.


  2. Going to show my complete nerdery here: it’s going to be a bit hard to make the Flask of Endless Rage since traditionally, at least if the icon is to be believed, they come in a Klein bottle. 😉

    These are awesome – love the Potion of Haste one, especially, with the Runic Healing Potion right behind it (the list of things it cures made me laugh out loud).


    • Think of it as the Ultimate Geek Challenge. Man, if you could actually *find* a Klein bottle for it, how amazingly awesome would that be?! And everyone helped with the list of ailments! Couldn’t have done it without the Twitteratti at my side 🙂


  3. Awesome awesome awesome! Any photos to share of ones you’ve already made? I’d love to see the “real” thing.

    If I can find the things I need (I live in a tiny town, not in the US) I might make a bottle for my brother *lol* Heck, I might make ones for several of my WoW-playing family members 😛


    • Glass bottles are international! And if you couldn’t find adhesive label paper, you could always just spray the back of regular paper with adhesive spray, though it wouldn’t look so perfectly flat as the label paper would. And really… aren’t we all going to make one for ourselves? 😉 And when mine are done (and the camera cord returns home from wherever it is), I’ll absolutely post pictures.


    • It’s true, I am adorable. 🙂 And I absolutely will take photos! I’ve just ordered my bottles and have big plans. My camera cord still hasn’t surfaced yet (and it has all the how-to pics of the laptop treadmill thing, as well), but when it does all pictures will be forthcoming!


  4. OMG! That’s great!

    I’m thinking…of actually making a delicious potion though instead of just water, so you can chug it to the looks of horror (or sheer delight) on the faces of your co-workers.

    Perhaps some flavored, sparkling water or some clear soda mixed with the food coloring.


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