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Interlude: The Lament Of 4.2


Interlude: The Lament of 4.2

Link to Blue Post re. Profession changes in 4.2
Description of new PvP Inscription Recipes

With apologies to Roy Lichtenstein

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This Space For Rent

Struggling, aspiring, or established WoW cartoonists!

I’m headed out of town for a week in late May and would love to give an enterprising WoW comic a leg up with readership. We’re lucky to have wonderful, loyal readers- around 5,000 a day- and it seems a shame to waste the opportunity to promote MOAR COMIQS!

If you’d like to try your hand, email me at disciplinaryaction@yahoo.com with your reasoning. A sample of work would be a delightful and helpful addition.

The winner will be selected based purely on personal preference. Funny, interesting, sad, bizarre- whatever (WoW-related) comic you’d like to showcase is fair game.

Bon chance!