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Gris Gris II: Orc Detective Wallpapers

Many thanks for the (many!) requests and ideas. These are very fun and easy to make, so I’ll keep cranking them out. This morning I knocked out three, so keep ’em coming.

I’ve been messing around with getting these to work a bit better with any type of computer: iPad, iPhones, Macs and PCs; the resolution on each is 1024×1024, so it should work for just about anything.

To download a wallpaper:

1) Click on the image you want

2) Right-click and choose ‘Save As…’

3) Save it somewhere easy to access and you’re done!



Wallpaper #1:

Wallpaper #2:


Wallpaper #3:



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The Orc Detective: Cover

Something of an introduction is required for today’s comic.

Disciplinary Action is taking a flight of fancy this week, heading into strange and ominous territory with our stand-alone series, ‘The Orc Detective’. The graphically intense nature of this interlude requires more time than our standard Disciplinary Action episode, and so we ask that you bear with us as the comic unfolds. We hope that it’s as entertaining for you to read as it has been to draw.

Thank you for your patience and continued readership, and… enjoy!
Disciplinary Action


The Orc Detective Cover


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