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LFD Explains Lore | The Black Morass

Sometimes you just get a great LFD. You can’t make it happen, but when it does, it’s fantastic. In the first installment of a new series, LFD Explains Lore, a great group comes together to explain the opening of the Dark Portal, Ner’zhul, and the role of Medivh in bringing the orcs to Azeroth:

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LFD Explains Lore | Black Morass | @DiscoPriest

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Blizzcon 2011 Poll: Mood-Killing Killers

Every six hours DA will bring you the finest in question-askery, from now until the end of Blizzcon! All polls open until the end of Blizzcon.

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Six hours are up! Since our last poll invited you to ease into a passionate frame of mind, it’s only appropriate that we now look to the mood-killers of Azeroth, those heinous boors whose presence is to romance what the cold light of day is to a drunken evening’s licentiousness.

I’ll be one of the live hosts today for the  Twisted Nether Blizzcon LiveBlog- which is in progress right now- along with my much-more-charming friends Vidyala and Rades, so come on down! It’s free and fun and fabulous in equal measure.

Who doesn't love a good fun-sucker?

This morning’s poll owes everything to that Lord of Lore, that Sultan of Stories, that Chief of Beliefes, Rades. I asked Rades to tell me who in the lore would be as cold a bucket of water as you could possibly wish for, and did he ever deliver!

So screw on your thinking caps, sober up quick, and tell us all: Which fun-sucking lore figure would you LEAST like to have a beer with?

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