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Blizzcon 2011 Poll Wrap-Up

This year’s Blizzcon was one of the most fun and upbeat, and those of us playing along at home with the Blizzcon 2011 polls got into the spirit with great enthusiasm. Every six hours, a poll was posted to take the pulse of Warcraft enthusiasts everywhere. Now that the polls are closed, we’re congratulating the winners and casting an eye back over all the questions. Full results available in the link.

In chronological order:

Favorite Zone(s) For Leveling
What are the best zones in which to level?
Winners: 1st Place – Nagrand (7%) ; 2nd Place – Zangarmarsh (4%) ; 3rd Place – Silverpine Forest (4%)

Horde or Alliance?
Winner: Horde (51%)

The Worst Dungeon
What is the worst instance?
Winner: Oculus (21%)

The Next Expansion
What do you hope the next expansion will be?
Winner:  Emerald Dream (36%)

PvP v PvP
What is the best battleground?
Winner: Alterac Valley (35%)

What is the worst battleground?
Winner: Isle of Conquest (27%)

The Best Class
Which class would you play if you could only play one… forever?
Winner:  Priest (30%)

Bar Brawl Edition
Who would be the last faction leader standing in a bar brawl?
Winner:  Council of the Three Hammers, working as a team (28%)

Working Night and Day
Which profession is the best money-maker?
Winner:  Jewelcrafting (40%)

Expand THIS!
Which expansion was the best?
Winner:  Wrath of the Lich King (50%)

It Takes One To Know One
Which class do you most hate to fight in PvP?
Winner: Rogue (43%)
Honorable Mention: Warlocks, who got left out of the poll as a choice. Don’t worry, guys; we hate you, too.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
In which capital city would you make your Azerothian home?
Winner:  Silvermoon City (19%)

The Nighttime Is The Right Time
Which Azerothian race is best in the sack?
Winner:  Draenei (19%)

Mood-Killing Killers
What fun-sucking lore figure would you least like to have a beer with?
Winner: That Mage who keeps rolling Need on Spirit gear (35%)

Good News, Everyone!
What was the best of the Blizzcon announcements?
Winner:  The New Monk Class (22%)

There you have it, folks; Blizzcon has wrapped for another year, and we’ve got lots to look forward to in the coming expansion (Monks, Pandas, and Combat Pets, oh my!). Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls, joined us for the LiveBlog, and helped to make 2011 one of the best Blizzcons ever.


Blizzcon 2011 Poll: The Next Expansion

Every six hours DA will bring you the finest in question-askery, from now until the end of Blizzcon! All polls open until the end of Blizzcon.

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Six hours already? Why, it feels like just a moment ago we were complaining about instances, enjoying the fall weather, and throwing major shade at those lucky bastards who are at Blizzcon in our stead. But nothing soothes the savage soul like clicking a checkmark- or music, or porn, or… something, I wasn’t really paying attention- so let’s crack those knuckles and opine ad nauseum!

There’s much speculation that this Blizzcon will see the announcement of the fourth Warcraft expansion. With Blizzard’s trademark of ‘Mists of Pandaria’ earlier this year, speculation is rampant that the Pandaren monks will be stepping up to the plate- or is all just an elaborate ruse on Blizzard’s part to sell Ghostcrawler’s secret venture, Panda Pillow Pets?

Whether you Believe or Want To Believe or Don’t Believe For A Second the ‘Mists’ trademark means something, let’s set aside for a moment our perception of PR duplicity. Instead, this poll wants to know: What expansion would you most like to see? Write-ins welcome! (Please note: All write-ins will be listed here when the polls close. Thanks!)