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Wildstar Avatars

I’ve really been enjoying Wildstar lately, andĀ in particular the art style of Sci-Fi-Meets-Old-West (yes, I miss Firefly, too). I’ve started playing around with avatar creation, and wanted to post the high-resolution results of those endeavorsĀ here.

I’ll update this postĀ with new additions; if you’re looking for a specific avatar, feel free to request it by email or on Twitter. I’m afraid I ca’t guarantee that I’ll get to any or all requests, but if you’d like to order a specific avatar I doĀ take commissions.

As ever, free for personal, non-profit, credited use. Don’t use these to create a YouTube seriesĀ aboutĀ ‘How I Created These Avatars’Ā (that happened). Don’t submit my work to game studios and ask for money (that happened). Don’t use them to advertise your custom character avatar creation (that happened).


Wildstar - Cassian Female Avatar - Ā©DiscoPriest
Wildstar – Cassian Female Avatar
Wildstar - Chua Avatar - Ā©DiscoPriest
Wildstar – Chua Avatar


Wildstar - Human Male Scientist Avatar - Ā©DiscoPriest
Wildstar – Human Male Scientist Avatar