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Disc Priest Gear: Using Wowhead To Your Advantage

Wowhead.com has a most excellent feature that I think few of us use to its fullest extent.

If you click on “Database > Items > Armor”, you can choose ‘Priest’ and then ‘Discipline’ (or whatever) from the dropdown menu titled “Start Weighting… Preset:”.

Doing this gives you a list of all gear for Discipline Priests in one huge list (I’d recommend limiting the required level or iLevel – 333 or higher if you want to run Heroics).

In the results, off to the right, there’s a ‘Score’ that shows how good it is for the spec you selected in ‘Presets’.

The down side is that it doesn’t have any commentary, but for pure numbers and names, it can’t be beat.


SmiteSpec v. ShieldSpec: Builds & Rotations at 85

I’ve put together this little down-and-dirty guide to discipline priest healing because being a Disc Priest these days is, truly, complicated.

The main source of this complexity lies in the fact that Disc Priests are now essentially two distinct specs: the SmiteSpec and the ShieldSpec.

The variance in style of the two versions of disc priesting is pretty pronounced, so disc priests tend to lean quite heavily toward their favorite version of discipline. It’s created something of a rift in the Disc community. Much shouting and pulling of beards.

ShieldSpec focuses on shielding, doling out standard priest healing spells, and managing a variety of cooldowns (Inner Focus, Power Infusion, Rapture) to return mana. It functions similarly to how Discipline worked throughout Wrath of the Lich King.

Pros: Similar to the Wrath disc healing style and thus familiar to Wrath Discos. Intuitive.

Cons: (Possible) lower mana return. Boring.

SmiteSpec is based on an entirely new healing mechanic for Warcraft. SmiteSpec disc priests use a combination of offensive, DPS (primarily Smite) spells for mana return and indirect healing spells, coupled with more classic Discipline direct healing spells (including Shield).

Pros: New and different way to heal, unique to Discos. (Possible) higher mana return. Wings (WANGS!).

Cons: Focus diverted between DPS targets and healing targets. Minimal DPS damage. Unfamiliar mechanism.

Personally, I’ve been running the two specs simultaneously to see which better fits my needs/playstyle, and I have to confess that I lean more towards the ShieldSpec. However, both are viable and fun Discipline Priest options.

Sample ShieldSpec Build
View Liala’s Current ShieldSpec Build

Click to Embiggen


Sample ShieldSpec Rotation

With this build, I like to Shadow Protection/Fortitude everyone pre-fight. The low-cost instants of Inner Will are worth more to me right now than Spellpower (plus I think the increased movement speed helps me stay out of AoE trouble).
For a rotation I generally bubble (Power Word: Shield) the tank, hit him with Prayer of Mending, then watch. If another DPS is taking a lot of damage, I’ll throw another bubble and a Renew on him or her, and then go back to refreshing Prayer of Mending and bubble on the tank. For a big, quick tank heal I use Penance; for a slow, big tank heal I use Greater Heal.

If damage is going all over the place, I use Inner Focus and then Prayer of Healing; if damage is focused on the tank, I use Inner Focus and then Greater Heal. I use Inner Focus on every cooldown religiously.

Sample SmiteSpec Build
View Liala’s Current SmiteSpec Build

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Sample SmiteSpec Rotation


Don’t Panic: Disc Priest Tips for Cataclysm

Healing as a Disc Priest in these early days of the Cataclysm expansion can be cataclysmically horrifying.

The average LFD group is explosively bad: DPS refuse to utilize crowd control. The tank pulls seven mobs as though he’s an overgeared ICC Kingslayer running Mana Tombs with every buff in the game. No one will stop for you to drink.

You’re running out of mana every two mobs and the group keeps pulling, oblivious to your panicked squeals for mana, mana, mana! Bars are dropping. You pop triage heals on the DPS, even though you can’t spare the mana, because you know you’ll wipe for sure without that strangely tough hunter because your tanks’ health is dropping faster than a brick on fast-forward and he’s vying for the title of World’s Biggest Dick anyway.

The ‘lock Life Taps six times in quick succession, the tank pulls the boss while you’re counting the seconds on your Shadowfiend cooldown and sobbing softly while whacking the last three mobs feebly with your stick, and then it happens:

You wipe.

And then the group boots you.

I wish I had more encouraging news for you, gentle discos, but the best I can say is that we’re not alone. Every healer I’ve talked to is going through this same agony. Tanks are squishier, DPS are slower, your mana is nonexistent, and somehow in LFD all those problems add up to THE HEALER SUCKS!

I feel your pain. Hell, I’m living your pain!

We’re all in this together, all embattled and embittered and embarrassed in these bludgeon-fests, but here are a few tips that may assist in that horrifying slog we’re facing these days. They’ve helped me regain my sanity- what little remains, that is- and I hope they do the same for you:

1. LFD? LFG!

The LFD tool is an odd monster. It at once impersonalized the leveling experience and yet exposed you to far more content. Blizzard certainly took the impersonalization to heart: just look at the new guild system for confirmation that they really, really want you get to know players on your realm at least a bit better.

The lone leveler got hit with the nerf bat in terms of guild achievements and rewards, but perhaps- perhaps!- the extreme difficulty of healing right now is intended to do the same thing.

I have to be honest with you guys, now: I have not finished a single random LFD instance since Cataclysm began. I’ve been kicked (“You suck!”), I’ve ragequit (“You guys suck!”), I’ve been in the fetal position and crying too snottily to seize hold of my mouse (“I suck!”).

And then there are guild runs.

I moved my main priest to another server (to act as temporary financial support to a low-level alt), and ended up in a new guild about two weeks ago. I don’t know all of my guildmates very well, but I *do* know them better than my LFD-sponsored Ipwnunoobz tank.

When I need to stop for mana, they stop. We pull cautiously and steadily. We make good time, because we don’t wipe. No one yells. No one curses (there is excessive /mooning of bosses, however). No one pitches a fit.

If you haven’t yet, or if you’re not in a guild that runs instances regularly. do seriously consider getting in with a guild to run with outside the LFD Disaster Relief System.

I can highly recommend Mortem Vitae Sequens on A-Farstriders, Waypoint on A-Medivh, Tsu Tain Guu Faitaa on H-Drenden, and Business Time on A-Moonrunner. If those guilds are aren’t hiring, I know each one would be happy to recommend a good one on-server.

2. Dress for Success

It’s tempting- oh, so tempting- to gear up as a Shadow Priest, run a few quests in Vash’jir and Mount Hyjal, and in the meantime queue up as a healer for a few (invariably disastrous) PUGs through the Looking For Group tool.

Do not do this. If you’re picking up gear with Hit and chucking the gear with Spirit, well- you’re gonna have a bad time.

Now is the time to commit to running in Spirit gear with no Hit as a dedicated Disc Priest instance healer (or partner-in-crime of a tankish questing friend).

If you can’t bring yourself to do that, admit to yourself that you’d really like to see those new areas while you level, dropping Spirit gear for Spellpower and Intellect (and Hit), and level as a  Shadowpriest, may the gods forgive me for saying it.

3. (Key)Bound for Glory

Go into the game. Hit ‘Esc’. Select ‘Macros’.

Creating macros is easy, and it’s awfully nice to have a pre-programmed little ditty that you can slap out at the beginning of LFD. It might not make any difference, but you’ll feel like you at least made the effort.

Just select ‘Create New…’ on the Macros screen, select an attractive icon, and type in anything you’d normally type in the chat screen. Once done, pull the icon(s) to your quickbar and press at will.

My own goes something like this:

/p Hi, everyone! I’m Liala and I’ll be your healer for this evening’s run.
/p Healers are really low on mana right now, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, so I’m going to have to ask for a few more mana breaks then we’re all used to. I promise I’ll make it as quick as I can.
/p Deeps, I’m really sorry, but I’m probably not going to be able to heal you as much. Please don’t hesitate to use bandages if we’re getting creamed. That’s it! Thanks for reading!

Then I have a few macros that I’ve always had:

/p Mana break after this mob, please.
/p Focusing on tank heals, please bandage at will.

Employ your macros to give your tank a verbal heads-up whenever possible, and reap the rewards of a happy tank.

4. Get Right Back To Where We Started From

We all want to get ahead, to see the new instances, to see the new content!

The last thing on Azeroth any of us want to do right now is go back to the Lich King or any of those Heroic Wrath instances we’ve run ten thousand times, but there is, I swear, benefit to doing so.

Queue up for a random Lich King Heroic and run it paying complete and total attention to your rotation.

Running these suckers is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the new bells and whistles we Disc Priests have without stressing the hell out over everyone dying all over the place. No matter how much I read or study or crunch numbers, I find nothing ever, ever replaces the actual experience of playing with a new build.

Since healing should be cake, you’ll be able to take stock of your new talents without being terribly distracted.

Try out new rotations. Pay attention to the numbers that are popping up as you heal, and check out which spells give you the biggest results and how much your mana bar sinks with each. Get used to using Inner Focus and Hymn of Hope and Barrier, and whatever else you haven’t been using lately. Try out the new Smitespec and see if that fills you with joy (and wings).

Whatever else you do, remain calm and remember we’re all right there with you, bitching about our tanks and DPS in the ethereal super-reality that all Disc Priests share. Your QQ is our QQ. Godspeed.

For more information on gear and builds, check out:
Cataclysm Disc Priest Builds (Shieldspec and Smitespec)
Gearing a Disc Priest: 80-85
Gearing a Disc Priest: The Beginning Raider (85+)
Cataclysm Disc Priest Gems and Reforging
My current build on the Armory

Best Races for Priests in Cataclysm

Cataclysm is here, and we’re asking the same questions: what new alt should I roll?

If you’re rolling a new disc priest and need to know how racial bonuses will benefit you, look no further!

(Racial Traits from Wowpedia.org; thanks as always, guys!)


  • Blood Elf
    • Racial Traits
      • Arcane Affinity : 10 point skill bonus to Enchanting (note, this also raises the cap by 10 at each level of enchanting).
      • Magic Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by spells by 2%.
    • Assessment
      • Excellent. Arcane Torrent serves as an additional mana return ability, to be used in rotation with Shadowfiend, Hymn of Hope, and mana potions. to me, that’s a game-changing racial, and the best in the game for disc priests. Enchanting is a great choice of profession for priests as well, so go us.
  • Forsaken (aka Undead)
    • Racial Traits
      • Will of the Forsaken : Removes any CharmFear and Sleep effect. 2 minute cooldown.
      • Cannibalize : When activated, regenerates 7% of total health and mana every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yards. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect. (Mana aspect added in Cataclysm)
      • Underwater Breathing : Underwater breath lasts 233% longer than normal.
      • Shadow Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Shadow spells by 2%
    • Assessment
      • Good. Mana regen through Cannibalize is nice, but requires an actual humanoid corpse, which will be awkward in high-level instances. Will of the Forsaken is great if you’re going to PvP with your Disc Priest, but isn’t as important for the raider/leveler.
  • Goblin
    • Racial Traits
      • Rocket Jump : Activates your rocket belt to jump forward. 2 minute cooldown, shared with Rocket Barrage.
      • Rocket Barrage : Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing X-Y fire damage. (24-30 at level 1; 1654-2020 at level 80). 2 min. cooldown shared with Rocket Jump.
      • Time is Money : Cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.
      • Best Deals Anywhere : Always receive the best discount regardless of faction standing.
      • Pack Hobgoblin : Calls in your friend, Gobber, allowing you bank access for 1 min. 30 minute cooldown.
      • Better Living Through Chemistry : Alchemy skill increased by 15.
    • Assessment
      • Mediocre. Time Is Money is a decent haste bonus, and Best Deals Anywhere is nice for everyone! The bonus to Alchemy is solid, but only if you’re taking the Alchemy/Herbalist route for professions (a solid priest choice). Overall the bonus to haste is not that big of a game-changer, and the other talents are too non-priest-specific to make it our recommendation pro-goblin. On the other hand, a goblin priest would look fantastic in Tier 10 gear and their hair choices are fabulous.
  • Tauren
    • Racial Traits
      • War Stomp : Activate to stun opponents – Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
      • Endurance : Base health increased by 5%.
      • Cultivation : Adds a 15 point skill bonus to Herbalism as well as increases the speed you can gather herbs. (Note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of herbalism). Faster gathering speed added in Cataclysm.
      • Nature Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Nature spells by 2%.
    • Assessment
      • Poor. The only marginally useful trait would be the Herbalism bonus for an Alchemy/Herbalism-trained priest; the rest are not useful to priests in the least.
  • Troll
    • Racial Traits
      • Berserking : Activate to increase attack and casting speed by 20% for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
      • Regeneration : Increase health regeneration bonus by 10%. Also allows 10% of normal health regen during combat.
      • Da Voodoo Shuffle : Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. Trolls be flippin’ out mon!
    • Assessment
      • Mediocre. In theory, you won’t need health regeneration as you’ll be protected from direct hits by your friendly local tank, but if mana management is as restrictive as promised, a small personal health regen bonus may be welcome. Berserking offers haste increase similar to goblins’ Time Is Money, but the other bonuses are not priest-specific.


  • Draenei
    • Racial Traits
      • Gift of the Naaru : Heals the target of X damage over 15sec. The amount healed is increased based on the caster’s Spell Power or Attack Power, whichever is higher. 3 minute cooldown.
      • Heroic Presence : Increases chance to hit with all spells and attacks by 1%. No longer affects nearby allies as of Cataclysm.
      • Gemcutting : 10 point skill bonus to Jewelcrafting (note, this also raises the cap by 10 at each level of jewelcrafting).
      • Shadow Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Shadow spells by 2%.
    • Assessment
      • Poor. Gift of the Naaru is a decent self-healing spell when the mana chips are down, but really- Binding Heal would be even better. Heroic Presence doesn’t help you, as healing spells on friendly targets always hit. But you already knew that, right? And you don’t have any hit on your gear, RIGHT?
  • Dwarf
    • Racial Trait
      • Stoneform : Activate to remove poison, disease, and bleed effects; +10% Armor; Lasts 8 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
      • Gun Specialization : increases chance to critically hit with Guns by 1%.
      • Mace Specialization : Increases expertise with maces and two-handed maces by 3.
      • Frost Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Frost spells by 2%.
      • Explorer : You find additional fragments when looting archaeological finds and you can survey faster than normal archaeologists. Cataclysm
    • Assessment
      • Mediocre. None of these are useful to disc priests. But dwarf priests! Will wonders never cease? Hard lobbying by the pro-dwarf community made me rethink my original ‘Poor’ rating of dwarves; the high mana cost of Remove Disease and other cleansing abilities in Cataclysm renders their Stoneform pretty valuable (even if they can’t cast it on others). I think that’s worth a bump up to the next level. Now stop biting my kneecaps.
  • Gnome
    • Racial Traits
      • Escape Artist : Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect. Instant cast. 1.45 min cooldown.
      • Expansive Mind : Increase mana pool by 5%. Change to mana pool from Intellect occurred with Cataclysm.
      • Arcane Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Arcane spells by 2%.
      • Engineering Specialist : 15 point skill bonus to Engineering (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of Engineering).
      • Shortblade Specialization : Expertise with Daggers and One-Handed Swords increased by 3. Cataclysm
    • Assessment
      • Mediocre. The only thing we care about here is the mana pool increase by 5%. It’s a nice little bonus, and- while not being the best in the game- is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
  • Human
    • Racial Traits
      • Every Man for Himself : Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. This effect shares a cooldown with other similar effects, 3 minute cooldown.
      • Diplomacy : Reputation gains increased by 10%.
      • The Human Spirit : Increase spirit by 3%.
    • Assessment
      • Good. The Human Spirit is the only real bonus we get here, but the extreme emphasis on mana regen in Cataclysm bumps the human race from Mediocre to Good in my book.
  • Night Elf
    • Racial Traits
      • Shadowmeld : Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Any threatis restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect, 2 minute cooldown.
      • Quickness : Reduces the chance that melee and ranged attackers will hit you by 2%.
      • Wisp Spirit : Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75%.
      • Elusivesness: Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while Shadowmelded and increases your speed while stealthed by 5%. Faster stealthed speed added in Cataclysm
      • Nature Resistance : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Nature spells by 2%.
    • Assessment
      • Mediocre. I play a nelf priest myself, despite the lack of decent racials. The one bonus of nelf priestness is the excellent Shadowmeld, with which you can (with luck) hide in the shadows during a group wipe and rez everyone without the run.
  • Worgen
    • Racial Traits
      • Darkflight : Activates your true form, increasing movement speed by 40% for 10 sec. 3 minute cooldown.
      • Viciousness : Increases critical strike chance by 1%.
      • Aberration : Increases your resistance to harmful Nature and Shadow effects by 1.
      • Flayer : Skinning skill increased by 15 and allows you to skin 0.5 seconds faster.
      • Two Forms : Turn into your currently inactive form. 1.5 sec cooldown.
      • Running Wild : Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal. Serves as the worgen “mount”.
    • Assessment
      • Mediocre. The only thing that salvages worgen from poor priest racials is the small increase in Critical Strike… Bbut you know that’s not going to stop us from rolling the baddest priest on the shape-shifting block.

Disc Priest Cataclysm Gear: The Beginning Raider

Please see also
Patch 4.1: New Gear For Discipline Priests
Patch 4.2: The Intermediate Raider – Firelands & The Avengers of Hyjal 

So you’re a level 85! Now what?

Once you hit 85 and you’ve gotten yourself mentally prepared to start running raids and Heroic versions of instances, your old 80-85 leveling gear isn’t going to cut the proverbial mustard any more.

The first raid you’ll look at running will most likely be Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds, or Blackwing Descent, and this guide will get you ready to run it using Heroic instance drops, high-cost purchases, and even one or two raid drops (hey, you’ve got to run it a few times just to get the feel for the thing, right?).

We’re still maximizing:
Spirit > Intellect > Critical > Haste > Stamina


Though you may be considering shucking off your newly-acquired low-level raiding gear for mid-range gear quite quickly, do consider good enchantments to be a non-optional part of gearing for raiding at any level. You’ll need the boosts enchantments give you, particularly regarding mana return, too much to miss out on their benefit regardless of cost.

Remember: You’ve gotta spend money to make money!



Best In Show: Heroic Robes of the Burning Acolyte

Alternative 1: Heroic Shadowblaze Robes
Alternative 2: Heroic Mercurial Vestment
Alternative 3: Robes of the Burning Acolyte
Alternative 4: Robes of Embalmed Darkness (H)

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats or Scroll of Enchant Chest – Super Stats

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz and Zen Dream Emerald (best with H-Shadowblaze and H-Mercurial Vestments), or else 2 x Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Flame-Ascended Pantaloons BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Heroic Mercurial Legwraps
Alternative 2: Heroic Legwraps of Astral Rain
Alternative 3: Heroic Mercurial Leggings
Alternative 4: Mercurial Legwraps
Alternative 5:  Breeches of Mended Nightmares BEST BUY!

Enchantment: Powerful Ghostly SpellthreadPowerful Enchanted Spellthread, or Brilliant Spellthread

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz x 2


Best In Show: Heroic Einhorn’s Galoshes

Alternative 1: Heroic Treads of Liquid Ice
Alternative 2: Einhorn’s Galoshes
Alternative 3: Treads of Liquid Ice
Alternative 4: Heroic Hekatic Slippers
Alternative 5:  Heroic Corpse Rompers

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Boots – Icewalker,  Scroll of Enchant Boots – Surefooted, or Scroll of Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Heroic Mantle of Roaring Flames

Alternative 1: Meadow Mantle (H)
Alternative 2: Heroic Mercurial Shoulderwraps
Alternative 3: Heroic Mercurial Mantle
Alternative 4: Mantle of Roaring Flames
Alternative 5:  Heroic Mantle of Loss

Enchantment: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone or Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Heroic Bracers of the Bronze Flight

Alternative 1: Heroic Bracers of the Dark Mother
Alternative 2: Bracers of the Bronze Flight
Alternative 3: Heroic Armbands of Exiled Architects
Alternative 4: Vicious Gladiator’s Cuffs of Prowess (I know, I know!)
Alternative 5:  Heroic Bracers of the Burningeye

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Superior SpellpowerScroll of Enchant Bracers – Greater Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Healing Power

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Heroic Mercurial Gloves

Alternative 1: Flamebloom Gloves
Alternative 2: Mercurial Gloves
Alternative 3: Heroic Mercurial Handwraps
Alternative 4: Hands of the Twilight Council
Alternative 5: Gloves of the Painless Midnight (H)

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower or Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Heroic Mercurial Hood

Alternative 1: Heroic Power Generator Hood
Alternative 2: Heroic Crown of the Twilight Queen
Alternative 3: Mercurial Hood
Alternative 4: Power Generator Hood
Alternative 5: Heroic Crown of Burning Waters

Enchantment: Arcanum of HyjalArcanum of Burning Mysteries, or Arcanum of the Dragonmaw

Gems: Ember Skyflare Diamond and Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Heroic Belt of Arcane Storms

Alternative 1: Incense Infused Cumberbund
Alternative 2: Cord of Raven Queen
Alternative 3: Belt of Arcane Storms
Alternative 4: Dreamless Belt BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [The best Belt Buckle you can buy]

Gems: Artful Ember Topaz


Best In Show: Heroic Shroud of Endless Grief

Alternative 1: Heroic Shadow of Dread
Alternative 2: Ritssyn’s Ruminous Drape
Alternative 3: Shadow of Dread
Alternative 4: Heroic Periwinkle Cloak
Alternative 5: Heavenly Breeze


Best In Show: Heroic Valiona’s Medallion

Alternative 1: Valiona’s Medallion
Alternative 2: Lightning Flash Pendant (A) / Yellow Smoke Pendant (H)
Alternative 3: Eye of Many Deaths BEST BUY! (with Artful Ember Topaz)
Alternative 4: Heroic Pipefish Cord
Alternative 5: Heroic Pendant of the Keep


Best In Show: Heroic Signet of the Fifth Circle

Alternative 1: Ring of the Boy Emperor
Alternative 2: Signet of the Fifth Circle
Alternative 3: Twined Band of Flowers
Alternative 4: Ring of Warring Elements BEST BUY! (with Artful Ember Topaz)
Alternative 5: Spirit Creeper Ring

Enchantment: [Enchanters Only]


Best In Show: Darkmoon Card: Volcano (for SmiteSpec users only)

Alternative 1: Soul Casket
Alternative 2: Mirror of Broken Images (H) / Mirror of Broken Images (A)
Alternative 3: Heroic Blood of Isiset
Alternative 4: Heroic Sorrowsong
Alternative 5: Heroic Tendrils of Burrowing Dark

WEAPON (Staves Only)

Best In Show: Heroic Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending

Alternative 1: Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending
Alternative 2: Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan
Alternative 3: Staff of Ammunae
Alternative 4: Insidious Staff (H) / Insidious Staff (A)
Alternative 5: Heroic Emberstone Staff

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Black MagicScroll of Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Staff – Spellpower

Disc Priest Cataclysm Gear: Levels 80-85


The new Cataclysm levels, 80 through 85, will be undertaken primarily in the new zones of Vash’jir (80-82), Mount Hyjal (80-82), Deepholm (82-83), Uldum (83-84), the Twilight Highlands (84-85) and in the PvP Tol Barad, as well as through the LFD tool.

The recommendations below will assist you while leveling, while in normal instances, and beginning to run heroic instances. These suggestions do not include low-, mid-, and high-level raiding suggestions, which can be found instead in our Disc Priest Cataclysm Raiding Gear Guide. This guide also does not include those items which can be found in heroic instances (see low-level raiding gear for those choices).

We’re still maximizing:
Spirit > Intellect > Critical > Haste > Stamina

Be sure to check out our Disc Priest Leveling Guide: Levels 80 – 85 (incoming!).

Heirloom gear is not included in this list, but is dicussed here.


An exhaustive list of enchantments would be too exhausting to contemplate, so for each piece I simply recommend one enchantment that I think gets the job done and will serve you well for most of your five levels. Re-enchanting leveling gear is, I think, neither time nor cost effective given the relatively small benefit you’ll enjoy while leveling.



Best In Show: Overly Intelligent Robes (H) / Overly Intelligent Robes (A)

Alternative 1: Anraphet’s Regalia
Alternative 2: Robes of Rampant Growth
Alternative 3: Robes of Orsis
Alternative 4: Robes of Khintaset

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful StatsScroll of Enchant Chest – Super Stats, or Scroll of Enchant Chest – Exceptional Stats


Best In Show: Bastion-Clearing Leggings (H) / Narkall’s Leggings (A)

Alternative 1: Legwraps of Astral Rain
Alternative 2: Emberfire Pants BEST BUY!
Alternative 3: Curse-Tainted Leggings

Enchantment: Powerful Ghostly SpellthreadPowerful Enchanted Spellthread, or Brilliant Spellthread


Best In Show: Hekatic Slippers

Alternative 1: Fireweave Boots BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Titanic Treads
Alternative 3: Medic’s Bloodstained Sandals

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Boots – Icewalker,  Scroll of Enchant Boots – Surefooted, or Scroll of Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit


Best In Show: Blight-Lifter’s Mantle

Alternative 1: Mantle of Master Cho
Alternative 2: Spaulders of Gruesome Accomplishment (A) / Spaulders of Gruesome Glory (H)
Alternative 3: Shoulders of the Obelisk

Enchantment: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone or Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone


Best In Show: Bracers of Final Memories

Alternative 1: Fireweave Bracers BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Spiritmend Bracers BEST BUY!

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Superior SpellpowerScroll of Enchant Bracers – Greater Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Healing Power


Best In Show: Deathsilk Gloves BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Fireweave Gloves BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Roffle’s Ruffly Gloves

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Exceptional SpellpowerScroll of Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Major Healing


Best In Show: Spiritmend Cowl BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Kata-Mary Crown
Alternative 2: Helm of the Typhonic Beast

Enchantment: Arcanum of HyjalArcanum of Burning Mysteries, or Arcanum of the Dragonmaw


Best In Show: Incense Infused Cumberbund

Alternative 1: Pillarbind Waistguard
Alternative 2: Emberfire Belt BEST BUY!
Alternative 3: Triple-Loop Belt

Enchantment: [The best Belt Buckle you can buy]


Best In Show: Cloak of Ancient Wisdom

Alternative 1: Cloak of the Dryads
Alternative 2: Stonebinder’s Cloak
Alternative 3: Thousand Bandage Drape
Alternative 4: Solar Wind Cloak

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed


Best In Show: Eye of Many Deaths BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Celadon Pendant
Alternative 2: Kuang’s Locket of Secrets
Alternative 3: Heartbreak Charm


Best In Show: Ring of Warring Elements BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Red Dragonheart Ring
Alternative 2: Spirit Creeper Ring
Alternative 3: Diamant’s Ring of Temperance
Alternative 4: Veneficial Band

Enchantment: [Enchanters Only]


Best In Show: Figurine – King of Boars BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Blood of Isiset
Alternative 2: Elementium Dragonling (requires ENG)
Alternative 3: Impetuous Query

WEAPON (Staves Only)

Best In Show: Very Manly Staff

Alternative 1: Staff of Siphoned Essences
Alternative 2: Soul Releaser
Alternative 3: Staff of Solemn Secrecy

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Black MagicScroll of Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Staff – Spellpower


Discipline Priest Builds for 4.0

Check out our guide to Disc Priest Gear in Cataclysm

These builds are now active in patch 4.0.3. You can add onto them- without respeccing- in Cataclysm, when the level cap increases to 85 and you can pick up the last four talent points. Consider them a starting point for experimenting with all the fun new elements of the disc priest!

Check out DA’s main priest: Liala’s Current Build and Stats at WoW Armory

SAMPLE BUILD #1: The Standard Shielding Disc Priest (aka SHIELDSPEC)

Interactive Talent Calculator for Build #1

This build includes many talents familiar to WotLK disc priests, including Improved PW:Shield, Grace, Rapture, and Divine Aegis, among others. I’ve also picked up a few new talents:

  • Darkness: Improves spell Haste by 3% (Shadow)
  • Power Word: Barrier: Summons a barrier in a certain location that shields any friendly target within it.
  • Soul Warding: Reduces cooldown on PW:Shield by 2 seconds.

This build should feel very familiar to current Disc Priests. For variation, I’d recommend dropping 2 points of Veiled Shadows (Shadow; reduces cooldown on Fade and Shadowfiend) for two ranks of Inspiration (Holy; increases healing of Holy heal spells).

Recommended Glyphs
Prime: Glyph of Penance, Glyph of Power Word: Shield, Glyph of Power Word: Barrier
Major: Glyph of Mass Dispel … and the rest currently suck for us; try Dispel Magic and Holy Nova, just for giggles
Minor: Glyph of Shadowfiend, Glyph of Fortitude, Glyph of Shackle Undead (I’d switch this one out with Glyph of Levitate, but it’s a personal preference)

SAMPLE BUILD #2: The Smite/Shield Hybrid Disc Priest (aka SMITESPEC)

Interactive Talent Calculator for Build #2

This build is highly experimental; Blizzard clearly wanted PvPing Disc priests to do more damage through the use of Smite, as you can see from the inclusion of a number of new talents (Evangelism, Archangel, and Atonement). This might also be a nice leveling build, enabling a dedicated Disc priest to heal through 5-man instances and solo quest without changing specs. New talents include:

  • Evangelism: Increases the damage and decreases mana cost of Smite, Holy Fire, and Penance each time you cast Smite (or Mind Flay).
  • Archangel: Consumes your Evangelism effect so that, rather than increasing the damage, etc., of your next Smite (see above), restores a percentage of mana and boosts your healing effects.
  • Atonement: Heal a nearby target (or yourself) for 80% (40% for yourself) each time you Smite.

For a possible variation, I’d consider dropping 2 points in Darkness (haste increase) for two points in Veiled Shadows (Shadowfiend and Fade cooldown reduction).

Recommended Glyphs
Prime: Glyph of Penance, Glyph of Power Word: Shield, Glyph of Renew
Major: Glyph of Mass Dispel, Glyph of Divine Accuracy, Glyph of Smite
Minor:  Glyph of Shadowfiend, Glyph of Fortitude, Glyph of Fading (all that Smite-ing’s going to be generating threat that you’ll have to control much more than the Shield build)

Don’t be afraid to play around with the new talents; good luck and have fun!