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Death Knight . Druid . Hunter . Mage . Paladin . Priest . Rogue . Shaman . Warlock . Warrior

Stained Class clothing, prints, and gifts are available for purchase on the Disciplinary Action store. Personalized commissions available upon request.


Q: Will you make a Stained Class for my character?

A: I’d be delighted! Stained Class commissions run $40 – $50, depending on the complexity of the character, and are delivered in non-background .png, iPad wallpaper, and iPod wallpaper. Additional resolutions can be purchased upon request.

To order a Stained Class commission, please email

Q: Can I suggest a Class/Race combination?

A: Currently all of the class/race combinations for the series have been set, but please don’t hesitate to contact Disciplinary Action if you’d like to commission a piece.

Q: Why didn’t you use a certain [Race] for a [Class]?

A: As much as I would’ve loved to do all of the combinations of races and classes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done.

Before I started the Stained Class project, I created a matrix with race/gender/faction and class combinations to ensure maximum representation (5 male/5 female, 5 Horde/5 Alliance, and no repeated races).

Since there are only ten classes, but twelve races, two races were left out altogether.

Q: There is no [Race 1] or [Race 2]! Why u no love us?!

I’m so terribly sorry if the two races not represented were the two you love most of all; I chose to leave them off because they were the most difficult for me to draw, NOT because I don’t love ’em. In fact, I play one of each!

Q: Will you make it up to us somehow?

A: Yes! I’d absolutely consider making special Stained Classes just for the two left out races.

Q: What clothes is that character wearing?

A: I didn’t choose so many from Tiers 1 and 2 on purpose; it just seemed to turn out that way:

Death Knight:
Druid: Cenarion Raiment (Tier 1)
Mage: Arcanist Regalia (Tier 1)
Paladin: Lightforge (Dungeon Set 1)
Priest: Starting area clothes
Rogue: Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Vestments (Season 2 Arena)
Shaman: The Ten Storms (Tier 2)
Warlock: Felheart (Tier 1)

Q: Desktop backgrounds- I wants them!

A: That’s not technically a question, but I’ll be turning all of the pieces into multi-resolution desktop backgrounds once I’m finished with the series.

I’ll also create one big image (in iPad, iPhone, and desktop sizes) with all the pieces in it. They’ll all be posted here and on DeviantArt.

Q: Will you make a background for my non-iPad/iPhone mobile device?

A: The iPad and iPhone images can be used in any device that uses backgrounds with minimal trouble; the iPhone backgrounds, for example, can be used for an Android with only a little displacement.

Q: Can I use your art as a pattern for an actual stained glass piece?

A: Absolutely! However, please note that this art was not created to be compatible with physical stained glass and some of the angles are unworkable, especially on a smaller scale. If you do create a piece, though, I’d love to see it.

Q: Can I use one of your images on my website?

Feel free to use these pieces for any non-profit, credited use. Enjoy!

Q: What is your favorite Stained Class?

A: The Shaman.

Q: Why do the Priest, Paladin, and Mage look so different from the rest of the series?

A: I created those three first, so they look a bit less symmetrical than the rest. However, I’ll be recreating those three after the first pass through the series is done.

Q: How do you make these?

A: I use Adobe Illustrator CS5 to create the image, then finish it in Photoshop CS5. I also use a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet for some of the detail work.


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