4.0 Priest Builds

Discipline Priest Builds for Cataclysm


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  1. I haven’t played on the beta so I have no idea how the smite build works in a PvE situation on the beta, but on 4.0.1 live I can say that I love the atonement/Archangel/smite build in PvE it not only adds some dps to the group but Atonement makes it easier to keep track of less than awesome melee dps that stand in bad stuff….and with Archangel and also assuming that in a raid situation your partner/partners in healing don’t suck you can save those 5 charges of Evangelism up for a healing intensive part of an encounter I.E. Festergut having 3 blight inhales. that’s just my experience on live I have no problem with not smiting, in fact I would prefer not to cause in randoms I tend to bubble and /dance lol just give it a shot, I think you’ll enjoy it.


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