Disciplinary Action offers personalized artwork commissions. Each piece is unique and handcrafted, requiring close collaboration between the artist and the client. Every effort is made to produce a piece of art representative of the client’s needs.

All work is delivered digitally. Any image may also be made available, upon request, for purchase on the Disciplinary Action CafePress store in a private, client-only area for reproduction on t-shirts, mugs, totes, and similar items.

Contact Disciplinary Action at any time for more information about commission services.

Wildstar and Warcraft Avatar Commissions

Need a unique avatar for Twitter, Facebook, forums, and all of your social media platforms that represents you- and only you? We can work together to create a one-of-a-kind character image to reflect your style and persona. Images are created in square or rectangular format, and delivered in very high resolution. Specialty sizes are available upon request.

Cost | Via PayPal

$45 – Character avatar creation
$5 – Specialty sizing

What should I do to order a commission?

Please email me at at any time.

All I’ll need from you to begin your commission is a screenshot of your character. Don’t worry; it won’t be used to create your avatar, it’s just an easy way for me to find out your hair color, race, etc. Any visual details or additional information you’d like to include- profession, (brief) personal background, a place or a theme that you particularly like- is a greatly appreciated and will help me create an avatar that reflects you best.

Please note that Wildstar avatars are on a slight delay the week of May 27th as servers are being brought up and down.

Wildstar - Cassian Female Avatar - ©DiscoPriest
Wildstar – Cassian Female Avatar

Stained Glass Commissions

Immortalize your character in highly-stylized medieval splendor! Stained Glass work may be modified to insert your own character into an existing Stained Class piece, or may be created from the ground up. Each piece relies on extensive artist and client communication to create artwork perfectly representative of the character.

Our most popular item, Stained Glass commissions include five deliverables: desktop, iPad, and iPhone backgrounds, one square icon suitable for avatar use, and the original high-resolution transparency image.

$50 – Modification of existing Stained Glass
$75 – Completely customized Stained Glass


Stained Glass: Derevka
Stained Glass: Asros
Stained Glass Modification: Lyranen

Guild, Blog, and Podcast Logos

Creation of a high-resolution, transparent guild, blog, or podcast logo. All logos are delivered in formats suitable for identification on LiveStream and recorded video, as well as use on websites and merchandise. Each logo is uniquely crafted to reflect the spirit of the enterprise.



Podcast Logo: Aldous Wipes The Raid
Guild Logo: Edge of Garona
Blog Logo: Azeroth Apple

Twitter Bird Commissions

The lovable Warcraft Twitter birds can be customized to reflect your character. Suitable for use as a small or large icon, each bird is a particularly well-suited for use as a Twitter avatar.



Warcraft Twitter Birds: Death Knight, Rogue, and Priest

Single-Panel Comic Commissions

A one-panel comic from Disciplinary Action is the ideal gift for any Warcraft aficionado. Available in both rendered and hand-drawn formats, the client enjoys complete customization of the finished artwork.

$35 – Rendered
$75 – Hand-drawn


Single-Panel Comic, Hand-Drawn: The Orc Detective
Single Panel Comic, Rendered: Fox van Allen

Full-Length Comic Commissions

A full-length comic from Disciplinary Action is a wonderfully unique way to advertise your Warcraft service or guild. Requiring heavy collaboration between artist and client, this premium service is subject to scheduling availability. Cost changes reflect length and complexity.

Please contact Disciplinary Action for more information about our full-length comic services.

$150 – $200 – Rendered
$250 – $350 – Hand Drawn


Full Comic, Rendered: Rades
Full Comic, Hand-Drawn: Ask Mr. Robot

Disciplinary Action accepts payment through Amazon, Google, and PayPal.


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