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Disco In The Air: DA on the Twisted Nether Blogcast

If you missed the live blogcast with chat room Q&A (and thanks for the many excellent Q’s!), you can download the podcast of Disciplinary Action’s own Liala on the Twisted Nether Blogcast on their website:

Episode 110: Disco Inferno

You can hear me blathering on about why Disc Priests are the finest build in the game, extolling the virtues of priestly PvP, and ranting about the failings of Smitespec. Oh, and disclosing my favorite adult beverage, should you be so inclined to send Christmas gifts.

Thanks again to Fimlys and Hydra, interviewers extraordinaire, for letting us be a part of their first post-Cataclysm blogcast!


Disciplinary Action on the Twisted Nether Blogcast

This Saturday (…aturday …rday) Disciplinary Action will be taking on the Twisted Nether Blogcast in a live evening show!

Tune in at 8pm PST / 11pm EST for all the action with Liala and Fimlys and much talk about the comic, disco priesting, and the state of Azeroth as we poise on the brink of a sea change.

A live chat room will be simultaneously rolling for any and all to pose questions (but not that one. OR that one. Ew, or that one, sick!).

See you then!

Disciplinary Action on the WoWphiles Podcast

WoWphiles made the tactical error of inviting Liala from Disciplinary Action on to their show to discuss the changes to the Discipline Priest class in 4.0. We had a great time talking about disc healing and you can check out the podcast in its entirety at the WoWphiles site (and once and for all answer the burning question: is Liala really a burly northern Canadian woodsman or a Japanese schoolgirl?).

WoWphiles is inviting three spec experts per episode until they get through them all. This, the first of their podcast series, explores Disc Priests (with yours truly), Survival Hunters with Bliky from One Man Raid, and Protection Warriors with my personal Prot guru, Linedan from Achtung Panzercow.

If you’ve already listened to the show and would like more information on the topics I discussed, please check out: