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Holier Than Thou: In Which We All Contemplate Cataclysm

We Pity Da' Fool Who Don't Contemplate Cataclysm!

The dorkosphere lit up this week with a preponderance of ponderings about what it all means, man, what it all really means– by which, of course, I refer to the announced class changes for Cataclysm.

Euripides over at Critical QQ ruminates on the proposed mage changes and hates on Shamans, and even throws in a few references to Dragon Age in So This Will Mostly Be Rambling.

The inestimable Death Goddess weighs in on DK changes with DKs in Cataclysm; First Look. Even better, to my way of thinking, was her week-long experiment in being a Blood DPS in Blood dps spec for 3.3.3. I’d been contemplating a change to a Blood DPS on my own DK and she did all the hard work to find out that, in fact, it really doesn’t make sense. And I didn’t even have to re-gem.

Finally, one of my very favorite bloggers, Linedan at Achtung Panzercow, has the obligatory ZOMGWARRIORCHNAGES post and makes the unlikely comparison between Charlton Heston and Ghostcrawler sound completely plausible.

And to veer away abruptly from all of that Cataclysm chatter, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying- not to mention accidentally learning from- Soph’s Down and Dirty Background Info, By Area (my name for it, not hers) over at The View Through The Branches. They’re bite-sized lore bits in easily digested nuggets.


Holier Than Thou: Flavors Of The Week

Star-Crossed Bloggers

Leaf-head runs around as a healer and a tank and manages to blog about both with the kind of elevated literary witticisms you find in Chaucer and Stewart (but never here. Suxxorz for you).

Aggro Management mulls over issues raised in other posts, in the upbeatiest way possible with a profanity count equal to my own- well done, indeed.

Spinksville is for Warriors (and lovers), but he waxes lyrical about all manner of general interest things, and keeps up with the goings-on at Blizzard with admirable attention. Plus, I love that he compares LFD to chatroulette. Bonus points.

And I’ve only just realized that all of these bloggers are all members of Single Abstract Noun, into which I’ve just ejected my own miniature version of myself (Liala was taken! It’s Lialah now, bitches). And reading AggroManagement’s post on the same thing reminded me that I absolutely could’ve loaded her up with heirlooms, money, and a kiss on the forehead before moving her over to Argent Dawn. Blast.

Holier Than Thou: In Which I Question Why The English Are So Fucking Funny

FOR REALS. IT’S like there’s a monopoly on humor and the British export tax is death. You’re either funny or you’re American.

The following people are giving me a complex:

PewPew Lazerz, and in particular Raid Anatomy 101 (and if that’s not your raid, you’re not playing WoW). Plus, he “hates Warlocks with a single-minded intensity that would make Hannibal Lecter look scatterbrained”, and we all know what that feels like.

The Lazy Sniper, who hates tanks for all the nicest possible reasons and curses them in a robust language. Plus she’s a thought-provoking little monkey what with her frequent and thoroughly entertaining ‘assignments and homework’ posts. Record your inner thoughts and feelings at the Caverns of Time? Check.

Blessing of Fish is written by one useful fellow. I now know how to get a shoeshine in Dalaran, the correct method of bringing the fun to a raid, and the ever-evolving face of UI.

And of course, Blueberry Totem, who uniquely makes me long for a gnome alt.

As for Righteous Orbs, everyone already knows my embarrassingly gooey feelings about those bastards.