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This Space For Rent

Struggling, aspiring, or established WoW cartoonists!

I’m headed out of town for a week in late May and would love to give an enterprising WoW comic a leg up with readership. We’re lucky to have wonderful, loyal readers- around 5,000 a day- and it seems a shame to waste the opportunity to promote MOAR COMIQS!

If you’d like to try your hand, email me at with your reasoning. A sample of work would be a delightful and helpful addition.

The winner will be selected based purely on personal preference. Funny, interesting, sad, bizarre- whatever (WoW-related) comic you’d like to showcase is fair game.

Bon chance!


DA on DA

While waiting for my tablet to reinstall for the nth time, I’ve joined the unwashed artistic masses over at Deviant Art.

Disciplinary Action is now also available on Deviant Art under the ubiquitous DiscoPriest label. Check it out to quickly view comics, art, and a number of leftovers that never saw the light of day here at Disciplinary Action.


A Quick Update: Comics

Greetings, minions!

My sincere apologies for the continued absence of this week’s installment of The Orc Detective.

The comic consists of about 90% mouse-driven, Photoshop work and about 10% hand-drawn tablet work. My tablet has chosen to present me with a host of exciting alternatives to functioning, and I continue to wrassle with it.

Rest assured the hard part (the 90% Photoshop bit) is complete (for the next three episodes!), and as soon as the tablet is up and running it’ll only take an hour or so to complete and publish the strip. Next week’s installment will come out on Wednesday, as schedule., without the delay of this week’s strip affecting it.

In the meantime, do head over to Kamalia and Angelya’s 2011 Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt; the winner will star in an episode of Disciplinary Action by yours truly, and all participants will be entered for a chance to win a black and white sketch of their character by Fyreuni.

If your love for the Orc Detective knows no bounds and requires expression on a coffee cup or dog t-shirt, do feel free to stop by the Disciplinary Action Shop to fill your soul with film noir orc while the technical problems reach resolution.

I’ll keep the updates coming on Twitter!