Disciplinary Action is about, for, and by Discipline Priests. I bubble the light fantastic on Farstriders-US as Liala, Medivh as Lialaa, and Drenden as (you guessed it) Liala, from which points I’ve been disciplining the hoi polloi for nigh on four years. Feel free to create a quick alt and chat with me any time.

This blog seeks to enlighten, guide, and argue with discipline priests on every realm and from every race, and strives to create at least a passably intelligent basic guide for those walking that most noble of priestly paths.


What’s your favourite class, and why?

Priest every day of the week. Though I solo leveled my first Priest as a die-hard Holy fanatic, when I switched to Disc to fill a raiding hole, there was no turning back.

Disc priests are all about fast-paced, spastic spellcasting. You can do it while you’re running. You can do it while you’re dying. You can do it on a box and with a fox. I think that wild, short attention span style speaks to the crazed hermit in all of us. It’s the fastest of all the classes.

That said, I do enjoy tanking with my Prot Warrior, the steadfast companionship of pets on my BM Hunter, and the sweet, sweet PvP payback of my Assassination Rogue.


What’s your favorite race, and why?

Orcs. No should be allowed to look that bad-ass and that cuddly all at once.
Who’s your favorite NPC?

Brother Benjamin in the Cathedral of Light, Stormwind. He’s trained all of my priests in all of their spells and holds a special place in my heart.
What’s your favourite Emote, and the best situation to use it in?

/Golfclap. Constantly.
What’s the meaning behind your mains name?

There isn’t one, sadly!


What’s your favourite dungeon, and why?

Violet Hold by a mile. When I was endlessly grinding Wrath of the Lich King instances for gear that might possibly be good enough for raiding, I always gave a cheer when VH came up on the Wheel o’ Doom. The timing mechanisms in VH ensured that a failtank could neither pull every mob in the instance at once nor pull a single target at a time for the next three hours. It’s good practice in timing for new tanks, and (still) gives a great lesson on mana pacing for healers.


What’s your favourite companion/non-combat pet?

The Mechanical Chicken, which my first leveling companion scraped together with all the gold and mats he could find at level 19.


What’s the best guild name you’ve come across?

I loved our all-healer guild, <Smite Club>.
Which race/class combination are you most like in RL?

Probably a nelf priest! Short attention span coupled with damage prevention.
What’s your favourite WoW in-game event or holiday?

I love Pilgrim’s Bounty, just for the cooking levels!
What do you do when the server’s down?

I generally go running, though I’ve been known to toss that in favor of drawing yet another comic or, heaven forfend, reading a book.


How many hours do you play a week, roughly?

Upwards of 20, though I’ve never checked my /played. The horror! The horror!



  1. Hey there, this is Markco from JMTC and I was wondering if I could send you a guest post in response to your recent article on shameless self promotion. I could give some details as to how I took my blog to 9.5k readers in the blogging universe.

    Sorry but I didn’t see a contact page.


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