Running Azeroth 5 & 6: A Warcraft Treadmill Workout

The fifth and sixth installments of my Running Azeroth series are up on YouTube. These two are the result of a little experimentation: Episode 5 is run on a very fast ground mount, and Episode 6 is run on a medium speed ground mount. I personally found the very fast mount too fast for my running speed, but I use it often on my stationery bike. These two treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical machine point-of-view video explore Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms in World of Warcraft. Episode 5 travels through Freehand Post, up through Southern Barrens, and ends in Zoram Strand; it is a very fast-paced run. Episode 6 behind in the center of Ironforge and runs east through Dun Morogh, then turns north through Loch Modan and the Wetlands before ending at Revantusk Village. It is a fast-paced run. Both clock in just over 20 minutes.

To use, just open your phone/tablet/laptop, stick it in the magazine rack of your favorite treadmill or stationary bike, set the video to full screen and run your way through eastern and central Northrend! Location suggestions welcome; just ping me on Twitter or comment on YouTube.

Programming Note: I’m working on a special Running Azeroth: Race Day. I’ll need a lot of volunteers to run with me or cheer at the start and finish lines as we film a race day in Azeroth, and will be posting extensive details soon on this site. Watch this space or follow me on Twitter for more details!

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