Running Azeroth 3 & 4: A Warcraft Treadmill Workout

The third and fourth installments of my Running Azeroth series are seamless, and may be watched together for a longer (~50 minute) run or bike. These two treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical machine point-of-view video explore Northrend in World of Warcraft. The first runs through Borean Tundra, winds south to Dragonblight, and ends at the bridge crossing into Grizzly Hills. The second picks up at the bridge and winds through the dirt trails of Grizzly Hills, through and around the forested areas of the zone. To use, just open your phone/tablet/laptop, stick it in the magazine rack of your favorite treadmill or stationary bike, set the video to full screen and run your way through eastern and central Northrend! Location suggestions welcome; just ping me on Twitter or comment on YouTube.

I’m having a lot of fun both creating these and running to them, so I’ll keep them coming as long as there is interest. When I’m out of Warcraft ideas, I’ll move on to Skyrim, Wildstar, and anything else I can think of!


One comment

  1. I don’t like WoW or running, but I have to say that this is such a creative idea for people less jaded and lazy than me, and you are awesome.


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