Running Azeroth: A Treadmill Warcraft Workout

I run a lot, and when weather or circumstance forces me inside onto a treadmill, I stare at a spot on the wall until I pretty much lose the will to live. To help with The Spot I downloaded the BitGym app, which streams awesome HD running videos that you can watch on your phone, tablet or laptop- hike through the Alps! run through Chicago! bike the California coast!- that has made treadmill running approximately ten million times better. I’ve always wanted games that could be physically inhabited; swing that sword and walk to the next town in real time, turn immersive play into immersive workouts. Technology hasn’t gotten there yet (yet!), so while we wait I’ve put together a point-of-view running video based on BitGym’s excellent example so that we can, at least, run through Azeroth.

To use, just open your phone/tablet/laptop, stick it in the magazine rack of your favorite treadmill or stationary bike, set the video to full screen and run your way through northern Kalimdor! If there’s interest, I’ll make more of these, as I know I’ll be personally using them often. Location suggestions welcome.


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