A List of Portals and Quick Travel Transits in Warcraft


4 thoughts on “A List of Portals and Quick Travel Transits in Warcraft

  1. Argent Crusader’s Tabard. Ports you to the Argent Tournament Grounds on a 30 min. cooldown. Purchasable for 50 Champion’s Seals; requires the Crusader achievement.


  2. Portal to Pandaria from Orgrimmar is in Valley of Honor under the Hot Air balloon outside of the Auction House, not up on the rise with the other portals.


  3. You missed the Tol Barad tabard. Little more limited in functionality than the Argent Tournament tabard, but it saves a good bit of travelling when you’re grinding rep, badges or honour.

    You seem to have left out the boat from Rut’theran Isle to Azuremyst Isle, connecting the Night Elf and Draenei starting areas. You have Orgrimmar/Warsong Hold listed twice, and completely skip the zeppelin connections outside of the Undercity to Vengeance Landing and the Grom’gol Base Camp. Also, there’s the portal between Undercity and Silvermoon.

    In Draenor, exalted with the Exarchs allows you to purchase a trinket that ports you to a location in front of Karabor. (Not sure if there’s a Horde equivalent. It’s probably a leftover from when Karabor and the Ogre citadel were going to be the capital cities for the factions.)

    If there’s a portal back from Ramkahen, PLEASE point out where it is! I know I’d like to save myself the long flights!


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