A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quick Pet Battle Achievements

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10 thoughts on “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quick Pet Battle Achievements

  1. Lucked into finishing Northrend Tamer (and with it Continental Tamer) just recently. Whether it’s due to phasing or CZR, I was seeing NO pets spawning in Storm Peaks and it wasn’t snowing. Finally found an arctic hare over by Frosthold and snagged one of his friends.

    Still hoping for the arctic fox in SP and scourged whelpling in Icecrown one of these days…


    1. In Storm Peaks, it’s incredibly hard to catch a pet. I don’t have the WoWhead link to Northrend Tamers in front of me, but the advice there- and what worked for me- was to hang out around the rim of Frosthelm (my character was Horde) and *kill all the ambient pets* whenever you see them spawn.

      Apparently, battle pets and ambient pets share the same spawn points, so killing the critters increases your chances of getting a battle pet to spawn. I have no idea if that’s true, but it’s what I did and indeed, a battle rabbit eventually spawned for the achievement.



  2. One of the greatest ways to kill time! I pet battle and think “Hmm I’ve only been here 5 minutes…” and I’ve actually been doing it for 3 hours. Such an awesome addiction. I saw a kun-lai runt last night, but my pets aren’t a high enough level to take one on just yet. I really should fix that…



  3. This is what I did to power level some level 1 pets with level 25s.

    I found a bunch of turtles along the water at the northern part of Valley of 4 Winds. Whip out a level 1 pet and challenge the turtle. About half the time, the turtle will cast its shield as its first move. If so, hit it once and switch to your high level pet. Complete the battle and your level 1 should ding 5. Each subsequent battle should bring up your pet another level up to 8 or 9, but you can fight non-turtle pets now.

    What if the turtle decides to smack your level one? Res and try again. :p


  4. Please note that many of the safari achievements are bugged, where pet’s won’t register as collected. Many, many, many requests with Blizzard later, a complete introduction of 5.2 in between, they maintain it will be fixed “as soon as possible”.

    If at least they would be honest saying it has no priority, you can choose doing something else, but no. Fixing the triggers to an achievement – like many new ones have been introduced in 5.2 – is no major feat.

    So be careful, we’ve seen before what happens to parts of the game that didn’t bring Blizzard what they wanted. You may be wasting a huge load of time.


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