Warcraft Secret Santa

This holiday season, Warcraft friends on Twitter got together and decided to have a Secret Santa gift exchange. The swap ended up as four physical swaps- America, Canada, Europe, and Australia- and a digital swap. Each participant filled out a simple questionnaire designed to give their send-ee a little direction. I read each one and tried to ensure each person either sent to or received from someone they had a little something in common with- a love of the Horde, knitting, or Walking Dead, for example- and then the questionnaires were emailed out to each gift giver. Anyone could secretly request a particular recipient, but for the most part, the pairings were between random participants- friend who hadn’t met yet, if you’ll excuse the extreme dorkitude of the sentiment.

We had a fantastic turnout, with each swapper sending a gift to their secret recipient by (or thereabouts) December 15th. Some of the swappers revealed themselves with the sent gifts, and some recipients are finding out now in this post just who is their very secretive Secret Santa.

You can browse the many tweets about the swap by checking out the #WoWSecretSanta tag on Twitter, and see pictures from some of our happy recipients below.

Thank you all for your wonderful enthusiasm and participation, and very happy holidays to the whole community!


[Sender] > [Recipient]

@aerix88 > @somnar
@anafielle > @srsbusiness_et
@_anea > @ggelaina
@arioch_arcanist > @revngeek
@asherrylie > @storminights
@battlechicken > @arioch_arcanist
@discopriest  > @rezznul
@draccusdruid > @medros
@dragoska70 > @_elfindale
@druidis4fite > @_anea
@duskhawk > @niquisition
@_elfindale > @kissmyalas
@emberdione > @grimmtooth
@ggelaina > @itslilpeanut
@grimmtooth > @walkstweets
@hasteur > @screwslewsewow
@itanyablade > @justanna
@itslilpeanut > @zerena_hoofs
@justanna > @ravnsdaughter
@kissmyalas > @mominatrix75
@laurenmrathbone > @draccusdruid
@lodurzj > @probablyaero
@mainfloortank > @druidis4fite
@medros > @hasteur
@mominatrix75 > @nymphymage
@niquisition > @verdthandi
@nymphymage > @mainfloortank
@nyxy > @quorrra
@obsidian_dragon > @emberdione
@orkchop > @supapriest
@pickbulbasaur > @anafielle
@piratenami > @duskhawk
@probablyaero > @nyxy
@quorrra > @zindiyaa
@relysh > @stoppableforce
@revngeek > @pickbulbasaur
@rezznul > @discopriest
@screwlewsewow > @orkchop
@soetzufit > @laurenmrathbone
@somnar > @obsidian_dragon
@srsbusiness_et > @vitaemachina
@stoppableforce > @lodurzj
@storminights > @asherrylie
@supapriest > @trocarrogue
@tartdarling > @soetzufit
@trocarrogue > @battlechicken
@verdthandi > @piratenami
@vitaemachina > @aerix88
@walkstweets > @dragoska70
@zerena_hoofs > @relysh
@zindiyaa > @itanyablade

[Sender] > [Recipient]

@arlymedia > @elyrayldin
@curlywench > @_vidyala
@frosted_miika > @curlywench
@elyrayldin > @mythraidates
@_luthvian > @arlymedia
@mythraidates > @frosted_miika
@ravnsdaughter > @tartdarling
@_vidyala > @_luthvian

[Sender] > [Recipient]

@alternativechat > @dwisms
@dwisms > @wabbage
@wabbage > @alternativechat

[Sender] > [Recipient]

@_angelya > @cymre
@cymre > @glowbie
@glowbie > @nerisanda
@nerisanda > @noadikins
@noadikins > @_angelya

[Sender] > [Recipient]

@_anea > @kateplayswow
@applecidermage > @_anea
@dsatt57 / @wowinthedetails > @ohitsquel
@kateplayswow > @dsatt57
@mursejames > @traewick
@mspecht > @msherretz
@nonsquishy > @nyxy
@nyxy > @probablyaero
@ohitsquel > @applecidermage
@probablyaero > @nonsquishy
@screwslewsewow > @mspecht
@storminights > @vikirnoff
@spiderkav > @storminights
@traewick > @mursejames
@vikirnoff > @spiderkav
@msherretz > @screwslewsewow


  1. Thank you so much for organizing this, Disco! I had a lot of fun acquiring and sending my gift to Luthvian and I loved the gift I received from CurlyWench. It was a blast and it must have been a great deal of work for you to organize. Merry Christmas! ❤


  2. I’d like to first thank you for my pile o’ loot. I spent the entire time smiling, chuckling and explaining to my kids some of the crazy stuff in there. They enjoyed it almost as much as me, when I was opening it.

    The moonkin has a place of honor at work, overseeing my small cubical domain.

    Also, I am so appreciative that you had this great idea, and that you coordinated it so well. It’s events like this that make me appreciate what a great community we have, and that I’m grateful I’m a part of it. ❤


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