A Complete Idiot’s Guide To Making Money on the Warcraft Auction House: The Adventures of Banquetto


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7 thoughts on “A Complete Idiot’s Guide To Making Money on the Warcraft Auction House: The Adventures of Banquetto

  1. Three things.

    1) There are auction houses in Dalaran and Shattrath, too. The former has two, one in the room where they sell tier gear, and the other in the engineering trainer’s shop. Shat has one in the bank of each faction.

    2) Get TheUndermineJournal’s addon customized for your realm, it will put actual actuon data from your realm in the tooltips. I’ve even got a tool here to keep it up to date. http://wowblog.grimmlabs.com/archives/894


  2. If you only need it for scanning, you may also find that the Auctionator add-on is a little less of a memory hog than Auctioneer. At least the last time I was paying attention, it was a lot faster about doing the full scan, too.

    Selling greens is a tricky business; certain things sell very well and others won’t budge. It used to be that Cataclysm greens wearable at levels 78 and 79 would sell very well to those twinking for PvP. Items with pretty models seem to do well on RP servers, as well.


  3. Nice article – you seem to understand the level of effort some of us slackers find acceptable. Question for you! I tried Lil Sparky at some point, but it seemed like it needed me to run and scan Auctioneer on EVERY character, for the crafting pricing to work. I’m happy to maintain a regular scan habit for my banker, but that’s a whole different level of effort. Was I mistaken? Can Lil Sparky see the auction price from every character on the server faction?

    Also, what do you do with green/blue BOE drops that don’t sell after some number of listings? Slashing prices takes a lot of time (to manually override the estimated price – maybe there’s another way? I use Auction Master these days, but I’m a lazy user…). D/E is all I usually do, but that feels like a big loss.


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