Moving Desktop Wallpaper: Grizzly Hills, World of Warcraft

I found the most beautiful Skyrim wallpaper from Dead End Thrills and put it on my Mac. It was great; I could almost see the trees blowing in the breeze, or maybe the occasional dragon hurtling past a distant mountain top.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, I thought, if you could have a desktop wallpaper that did move a little- not just annoying fish flying past, but maybe the slow sunrise over Mulgore in World of Warcraft, a wintery day outside Solitude in Skyrim, a Tython waterfall in Star Wars: The Old Republic? A wallpaper with just the tiniest bit of movement would make a computer monitor seem so much less like a computer and so much more like a window.

To run, download DreamScene Video Wallpaper (PC) or VLC Media Player (Mac)- more technical info below.

Moving Wallpaper: World of Warcraft – Grizzly Hills


Download WoW Desktop Wallpaper #1: Grizzly Hills


PC: Download DreamScene Video Player []

Mac: Download VLC Media Player [VLC Website]

  • Options > Show All > Set As Wallpaper
  • Video Settings > DirectX Output

Thank You

Big thanks to Safe Shark for the file hosting.

Huge thanks to intrepid beta testers and technical wizards Rezznul (he’s a Mac) & GayGeekDad(and he’s a PC).

As always, if you’re experiencing technical difficulty or know of a better way to run these backgrounds (especially for Mac users), drop me a line at . We’re working hard to make them perfect for everyone.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the wallpaper playback better, please leave them in the comments or email me.


  1. There is a spot in STV on the east coast around the Naga. There is a path that leads up the side of a hill there and winds up beside a waterfall way up high on a rock that hangs over the edge. There is no telling how many times I have taken my toon up to that spot to watch a sun set when bored of everything else. The sounds of the water, the birds flying around and the peacefulness of the Ocean scene would be my perfect wall paper. Now if you could only do that in a wide screen version 3840x 1200 or so… =)


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