Stained Class Series: The Mage (Take 2)

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Stained Class clothing, prints, and gifts are available for purchase on the Disciplinary Action store. Personalized commissions available upon request.

As promised, I’ve been going back through the three earliest stained glass pieces and modifying them to fit more seamlessly into the overall look of the Stained Class series. When they’re all completed, I’ll be making one large piece that contains all of the windows in a wall, for those who have been asking for that.

I’ll also be submitting it to Blizzard art, so wish me luck! I was incredibly honored to win the Blizzard Comic Contest with The Orc Detective, and am hoping lightning will strike twice.


I hate to even address this, but as I was working on the new Mage, it came to my attention that my Stained Class pieces had been stolen by an individual who was claiming the work as their own.

The person was charging people for backgrounds featuring my stained glass pieces and those from wonderfully talented artist (and employee of Blizzard) Howard Lyon. They were even offering ‘personalized commissions’, though how they intended to deliver on such a promise- if they ever intended to do so- is a mystery. The thief in question even contacted me to see if I would modify one of my pieces because, I later learned, someone had ‘commissioned’ them to make the change.

If you want to purchase artwork, particularly commissions, please do be extremely careful. An artist will work with you every step of the way and be transparent about the entire process. Ask for references from satisfied customers. Check out their Twitter account and website to see if they look legitimate. When in doubt, ask other artists in the community.

I do offer personalized commissions for a fee, but I have never and will never charge for the art on this website. If you see it for sale anywhere else, you can take it from me the seller is a dirty, filthy, disgusting, stinking liar.

Available, as ever, for any non-profitcredited use.


(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Mage, stained glass
iPhone & Smart Phone Background
(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Mage, stained glass
iPad & Tablet Background
(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Mage, stained glass
Desktop Background


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