Illustrated Mail Transmogrification Guide: Hunter, Paladin, Shaman and Warrior


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17 thoughts on “Illustrated Mail Transmogrification Guide: Hunter, Paladin, Shaman and Warrior

  1. Is very impressive and thorough assemblage. /salute

    Coupla notes: If’n ya has a account, they’s Profiles tool be another way fer ta doodle up mogging ideas. Fer example, lil’ pimpin’ goblin hunter.

    Far as I know, S3 sets is no longer obtainables. S1 and S2 is bought with raid tokens, S4 is mad crazy cheap from the Legacy armor vendors in the pvp shops. S5-7 ya buys with JPs in Dalaran, and S8 ya can buy with Honor. Everyone as confuzzled as me?


    1. The Wowhead model viewer is a great tool for viewing gear without a download! I highly recommend it and will amend the bonus tips to include that info.

      In the Cloth Guide, I went through and spent a lot of time talking about where to find everything, but I decided this time to just focus on the actual gear itself (since it’s pretty simple to look up their whereabouts on or or what have you). My reasoning was twofold:
      1) with the time I saved not calling out locations, I was able to include the PvP sets, and
      2) with 4.3 dropping soon ™, the tantalizing hope is that missing sets will be obtainable through the Darkmoon Faire. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time calling out locations or availability when we know (I’m turning my hope into knowing, okay?) that they’ll change as soon as 4.3 becomes available. Once it drops, though, my plan is to go back through and link to the locations- or new locations- of the sets, and note any sets, if any, that are still unavailable.


  2. Again, Love love love! I must say again how much I appreciate your taking the time to put all these sets together in one place for us. I thought my priest was the only lucky one, now I see you are doing it for all the armour types.
    Thank you also for my addiction to WoW Model viewer, and my need to have so many bank alts with guilds just to hold all the green gear sets I have been building and hoarding.
    Please excuse me, I need to go find matching weapons for all these sets now!
    Thanks so much!!!


  3. !st of all, Wow, just Wow. What and amazing resource you have here, so much work and so very very helpful! (I’ve already recommended 1/2 a dozen friends to come and have a look, and they where just as impressed)

    2nd, it’s only to do with my terribel demon within of being a completest… but just to note that the legs for the “Brown Skyshatter Armor” are actually available but not within the related expansion. They ended up being added to Trollgore’s (normal mode) Loot table in Drak’Tharon Keep. I only noticed as it is one of my favorite shammy sets.

    Again, top work!


  4. Mage Dungeon Set 3a: Incanter’s Regalia
    Incanter’s Robe (D3) is in The Botanica (regular) off Warp Splinter…rather unique look to it that reminds me of stones so I want to help others find it. Thank you for this guide…I mix and match from it constantly.

    Uldaman: Lukina, Rivqah, Zahraindu, Tirza, etc.


  5. Wow is right – someone gave me the link to here and, seriously – thank you SO much for putting it together and taking so much time. I’m sure it did take quite a bit of time.

    Much, much ❤ and appreciation.


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