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It’s Friday, folks, and you know what that means- today might be the day we learn about the new expansion! Sure, some of us might be watching it crouched around our monitors as we scream in agony when the feed stutters, or similarly engaged as PPV makes or breaks the first-to-know status of our hearts- but no matter! The important thing is, today’s the day that it’s a possibility.

Whole lotta shakin' went on

As we await what we can only hope is the witching hour of expansion announcements, I’d like us all to cast our eyes backwards and ask ourselves the question that dare speak its name: Which expansion- up until this afternoon’s reveal, we can but hope- was the best? Please don’t get blood on the carpets.



  1. Personally I think Cataclysm and Burning Crusade are tied for me. Perhaps if I’d started playing earlier in BC (started around patch 2.2-2.3), or was in a guild that could have raided more than Kara I would choose BC over Cata. As it stands, I’ve played and raided quite a bit more in Cata than BC, so that’s what I chose 🙂
    I did love BC, though. Even when my feral tanky druid had intellect and spirit on her gear.


  2. Cataclysm is the expansion I started playing the endgame in, levelling alts in, just…learning about the game in! Wrath was the background to slow levelling and facerolling heroics. As for BC, I wasn’t even playing then (more’s the pity I hear). Cata has my vote 🙂


  3. My heart *searches for heart but detects no pulse*, figuratively speaking, beats for BC; Demons, when Warlocks were Warlocks, more demons and, oh yes, did I mention demons?!


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