Blizzcon 2011 Poll: The Best Class

Every six hours DA will bring you the finest in question-askery, from now until the end of Blizzcon! All polls open until the end of Blizzcon.

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Six hours is up! What’s that? You say you were busy sleeping and didn’t vote in the Next Expansion poll? Stuff ‘n’ nonsense! The internet never sleeps! (Nor, I have it on good authority, will our good friends at Blizzcon this evening. Alcohol + Nerds + Zero Adult Supervision = Many, many, many walks of shame.)

Show us on the chart who corpse-camped you.

There are some people who were born to walk the Walk of Shame, and some people who were born to be good and righteous- priests, perhaps, or paladins. Amazingly, some people were born to be rogues, and some people were even born to be Death Knights (at least, that’s the theory).

So what were you born to be? If you could only play one WoW class forever, which class would you play?


  1. Felmary the Warlock says:
    “Come to the Dark Side my Sweeties, you know not the inner satisfaction of sucking the soul out of the skull of friends and foes alike until you see their eyes roll back in their heads and they collapse in a heap of anguish as their last breath is spent in a scream of torment. Then, when you feel the warmth of their life’s essence in the newly generated soul shard in the palm of your hand, you have found profound happiness.”


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