Blizzcon 2011 Poll: PvP v PvP

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It’s been six long hours, and what do you get? Another day older and a poll duet. (Don’t judge. was down, dammit.)

It’s time to limber up your pokin’-fingers to weigh in on another thought-provoking topic! It may not distract you from the fact that Blizzcon attendees ended their work week yesterday, but it WILL… uh…

Go PvP Yourself

The urge to punch someone in the face repeatedly is- let’s face it- universal. Whether you’re interested in abusing a priest or making a warrior cry for his mother, or simply channeling a burning hatred for certain lucky ducks who are right at this moment getting blitzed with Metzen, PvP is the ultimate avocation to soothe your frustration. But which rolling hillside presents the best background for the soothing death-cries of your enemies? And which is the worst?

It’s a two-for-one special this time, kids- which PvP battleground is the best, and which is the worst?




  1. I’m actually a bit surprised to see so much hate for IoC. Not that I love IoC by any stretch of the imagination, I just didn’t expect it to be leading or by such a margin.


  2. You had me at PvP.

    AV.. easy to be hated…I have spent a long time hating it after a long time loving it.

    It can easily become a long turtle where no one wanted to be there longer than a Zerg… which can painful. While I am easy either way, it often degenerates into mudslinging rather than PvP.

    IoC.. least liked, something hasn’t gelled for me there, probably similar reasons to AV.


  3. Worst battleground: Tol Barad, Tol Barad, a thousand times Tol Barad! It has trained so many casual players to believe that brute force zerging is how you PvP, and hurt all the other battlegrounds in the process.

    Some days half of my leveling BGs are ruined by this mentality — you’re defending in AB, your team is down a node, then five people rez and STAND WITH YOU. When you finally decide to leave and go on offense, THEY ALL FOLLOW YOU. (Or if they don’t immediately, the node will still be lost by the time you go capture a different one.) I realize that following the crowd is how inexperienced PvPers learn the ropes, but it’s not like the player pool is highly inexperienced at this point in the game’s life cycle. No, what’s happening is that people think you need a lot of players to turn a node, and forget that the flag is all that matters. The number of assaults where the opposing team doesn’t even ATTEMPT to get near the flag is just astounding. And I have never seen so many players voluntarily abandon their own nodes in AB — and in TB, that’s a valid tactic, because you need to be helping turn other nodes, but in AB that’s asking for someone to take away your resource points. Don’t they realize the contradiction in adding a +honor defender buff then following it up with a PvP zone where the only good thing you can do is stand at an un-turned node? WHO AT BLIZZ THOUGHT THERE WAS AN EPIDEMIC OF TOO MUCH DEFENDING IN BATTLEGROUNDS? *tears hair*


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