Blizzcon 2011 Poll: The Worst Dungeon

Every six hours DA will bring you the finest in question-askery, from now until the end of Blizzcon! All polls open until the end of Blizzcon.

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It’s been six hours, and it’s time to play along at home again! While other might be sippin’ on their fancy Blizzcon bottled waters and laughing along as Metzen tells about the funniest thing that happened this one time at band camp, those of us stuck at home can enjoy the noble art of Warcraft polling. No, really, it’s noble!

QQ! QQ!!

Now it’s time to put on your QQ hat of irritated annoyance- and who doesn’t love that hat?- and dig deep into those repressed memories of LFD. Which instance, from Ragefire Chasm to the depths of the Zuls, do you absolutely hate the most?



  1. HoR.

    Fucking HoR.

    Now granted I am speaking from only LK experience, since I haven’t done any of Cata yet, but omg I always DREADED queueing on Anea, since I know that HoR had a CHANCE of coming up.

    There are a few choice instances in the lower brackets that make me groan, but none as badly as HoR.


  2. Oculus is, by far, the worst instance to PuG. Especially if you get people who have never run it before. It’s puke inducingly difficult for newbs. HoR comes in a close second for me on this. I have only unlocked that stupid instance on 1 of my 25 characters, and never will unlock it for another. If you don’t have geared people, you just will not succeed in that instance on a PuG. It has the most suspenseful boss encounter, but it’s the crappiest PuG next to Ocy.


  3. I said Oculus, because of those stupid freaking dragon mounts! However, it doesn’t seem like that one comes up in the Dungeon Finder when you’re leveling up now, which I think is because it’s a level 80 only dungeon, and everyone jumps into Cataclysm normals as soon as they can. This is a good thing, because I can’t imagine trying to run Oculus with 4 people in quest greens who’ve never seen the place before.

    If I was allowed to choose a second most hated dungeon I would have choosen Blackrock Depths. Why? Because much as I like the design and the story behind BRD, the dungeon finder gives you no indication of which part of it you are actually queued for. Which means that if it queues you for Detetion Block the tank invariably seems to run off to Upper City to kill everything, and an hour later you find yourself standing over the corpse of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan without a goodie bag or bonus XP and have to convince the group to go back to Detention Block. Or the tank immediately runs to High Interrogator Gerstahn, looks confused when no bag drops, and then refuses to run Upper City because it’s too long. Oh, and people get lost in there all. the. time. And half the time if people die they have no idea how to run back. And once you hit level 50 you know you are going to be getting BRD over and over and over again for the next 10 levels. 😦


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