Celebrity Transmogrification Picks

It’s one thing to transmogrify your cloth gear into an established tier, dungeon, or green set, but quite another to mix-and-match the available options to create something truly unique and completely yours.

Five famed bloggers from around the WoWosphere have done just that, stepping up to share with Disciplinary Action their own unique picks for the well-dressed transmogrified cloth wearer in patch 4.3.

Enjoy their choices, their writing, and their insights into the very latest in designer duds!






Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual | Green Tinted Goggles

When you think PvP, only one name should spring to mind. The undisputed master of the battleground, Cynwise is justifiably famous for both his brilliant battleground acumen and the tremendous accessibility of his posts.

From guiding a new player through the murky waters of twinking, to thought-provoking pieces on the nature of battleground changes, to brief histories of the evolution of battlefields, Cyn delivers precise and fascinating information of interest to dedicated PvPers and battleground noobs alike.

Cynwise is a pillar of the Twitter community, where his assistance, encouragement, and wisdom are always at the ready.

Cynwise’s Notes, Outfit 1: Cynwise

“Cynwise is modeling this silver, black and red outfit, suitable for fiery casters with a bit of a dark side. Drawing inspiration from the gorgeous Mantle of the Scarlet Crusade, this is suitable both for roleplayers looking to play a disillusioned ex-Crusader or for PvPers trying to capture the gestalt of Drakedog in DD5.

The Infernoweave Robe gives an aura of subtle menace to the outfit, letting your opponents know that you mean business (and are going to resist their fire spells.) The fingerless Black Mageweave Gloves, made of the finest cloth culled from the desert ogres of Tanaris, provide protection while granting maximum dexterity for tricky spell casts. (Coincidentally, they also don’t obscure the sleeves of your robe, making them an excellent choice for nearly any DPS outfit.)

Cynwise has chosen to accessorize this outfit with matching Rose-Tinted Goggles, giving it an air of modernity befitting the post-Cataclysmic fashion movements while providing much-needed eye protection in case of a reflected Incinerate or Chaos Bolt. If you are not of the engineering persuasion, the Trisifal Cowl gives the outfit a more priestly look, but you may want to consider pairing it with the matching Trisifal Mantle.

Cynwise has paired it with Firesoul in the main hand, adding a Fiery enchant to underscore that this outfit is designed to blow things up.

This outfit is not for the faint of heart nor the timid of behavior. This outfit is for those who believe that the best way to fight fire is with more fire – lots more fire.”

Gear, Outfit 1: Cynwise

Head: Rose-tinted Goggles
: Mantle of the Scarlet Crusade
: Infernoweave Robe
: Flameweave Cuffs
Hands: Black Mageweave Gloves
Waist: Inferno Waist Cord
Legs: Infernoweave Leggings
Feet: Infernoweave Boots
Main Hand: Firesoul

Cynwise’s Notes, Outfit 2: Cynstar

“Each twink bracket spawns its own distinctive look as players agree upon which gear truly is best in slot. This outfit captures the feeling of Horde casters in the 19 bracket during Wrath of the Lich King, letting you raid and Arena with retro-styling of the best twinks in the game.

The Inferno Robe was the best caster robe for all classes due to two reasons – it had a massive amount of Spellpower (+19 Spellpower!) and an item level of 40, allowing BC enchants to be placed upon it – most commonly, the +150 Health enchant. A Horde-only quest reward, this robe was far and away the best caster twink robe in the bracket. Before faction changes, this robe was worn by holy pallys, priests, mages, warlocks – anyone who could use the spellpower. Sadly, it was removed from the game with the Sundering, and later nerfed to not allow BC era enchants, ending its dominance and ushering in the rise of the Tattered Dreadmist Robe.

The Crimson Silk Robe captures the look of the classic Inferno Robe, with the beautiful details on a rich crimson silk background. Beautifully hand-crafted by artisans inSilvermoonCityand Stormwind, this robe will set you apart with distinctive, classic styling, transitioning from Warsong Gulch to Deathwing’s lair with ease.

The Sunderseer Mantle, with its rich gold and black accents, complements the robe nicely, giving it a martial air while letting onlookers know that you know your PvP history and that the PvP heirlooms were the first Bind-to-Account items in the game. The Lucky Fishing Hat completes the ensemble, establishing that your character is a serious twink, willing to invest the time to get only the best gear. Arena opponents wouldn’t be surprised if the black bubble of the Arena Grand Master trinket suddenly appeared around you!

My blood elf mage, Cynstar, has chosen to accessorize this outfit with the Dawnblade and Furbolg Medicine Pouch, both Stamina-boosting items used by casters in the 19 bracket. Keller’s Girdle, a popular favorite in the 19 bracket before the dungeon finder introduced other rewards, is slung low around her waist. And while the Magefist Gloves may be a more historically accurate choice, she’s gone with the Black Mageweave Gloves so as not to obscure the exquisite detailing of the Inferno Robe’s sleeves.”

Gear, Outfit 2: Cynstar

Head: Lucky Fishing Hat
Shoulder: Sunderseer Mantle
Chest: Crimson Silk Robe / Inferno Robe
Wrist: Mindthrust Bracers
Hands: Black Mageweave Gloves
Waist: Keller’s Girdle
Legs: Darkweave Breeches
Feet: Spidersilk Boots
Main Hand: Dawnblade
Off Hand
: Furbolg Medicine Pouch

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Wowhead | Flavor Text Lore

Perculia’s influence in the WoW community is as pervasive as it is instructive. As Content Manager for Wowhead, Perc has her finger on every item in existence: Her massive four-part series on Transmogrification lists each set in the game. Her fascinating posts for Flavor Text Lore focus on the cultural background of the various races, and touch on heavy-hitting issues such as in-game harassment.

If you’re very lucky, you may even get a peek of Perculia’s real-life (historical) transmogrification picks!

Perculia’s Notes:

“I wanted to replicate the classic Perc look on Twitter and elsewhere–angry bloodsoaked demon hunter– but it’s leather! So I tried to find cloth items that had the same kind of aesthetic– kilt, buckled harness, sandals, dramatic sword that sheaths on the back. It can’t be exactly the same because there isn’t a blindfold (although male night elves have a face option with one) but I’ve tried to do some clever layering to give the effect of a harness.

As for what Perc’s classic look is? I was inspired by Alandien, the only in-game female demon hunter. Her outfit isn’t obtainable for leather-users (nonexistent kilt, plate top) but I tried to copy the general silhouette. Generally she runs around in a dark pink outfit– Battered Leather Harness, Mystic Sarong, Sandals of the Insurgent– that has some actual rogue tier– tier 8 gloves and shoulders.

As I’ve based the character on my imagination and also in-game events, I like including some nods to her raid gear. I also have an alternate outfit with the Buckled Harness, Stormreaver Shadow Kilt, and tier 4 gloves and shoulders. To complete the look is the trio of items from Black Temple– the Cursed Vision of Sargeras and the two Warglaives of Azzinoth. I have wonderful memories of learning Black Temple as progression– interspersed with terrible memories raging over Warglaive droprates and my guild dying in Sunwell– so completing the full set, even years later, was overly satisfying. Any weapon that sheaths on the back could work though.

If you want to see more shades of grey about demon hunters, check out the Ghosts in the Dark achievement, the Wanted: The Demon Hunter quest, and the NPC Altrius the Sufferer. Perc isn’t a demon hunter proper, but she knows a thing or two about slaughtering them after 10,000 years. She’s good at killing things that move, less so about giving up her autonomy.”

Gear: Perculia

Shoulder: Mur’ghoul Shoulderpads
Shirt: Brawler’s Harness
Chest: Green Woolen Vest
Wrist: Mur’ghoul Wristwraps
Hands: Mur’ghoul Handwraps
Belt: Elunarian Belt
Legs: Elunarian Sarong
Feet: Ringo’s Blizzard Boots

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Orcish Army Knife

Lorehound, Warcraft theorist, and hands-down the nicest player you’d ever care to meet, Rades has a mind like a steel trap- it must be the hunter influence.

His posts on potential new instances- My Suggestion for a New Instance: Stromgarde, for example- will blow your mind and leave you salivating to see their implementation. Rades’ frequent lore posts are hilarious and easy to follow (what is really going on with Neptulon?)- and his in-character letters are not to be missed (if the story of Gerk doesn’t move you to tears, you may not have a soul). We’ve never yet seen him stumped by a lore question, nor engage less than wholeheartedly in a quest discussion.

The delight Rades brings to the Warcraft narrative is positively infectious; reading OAK lends a tremendous depth to the questing experience that is not to be missed.

Rades’ Notes: Morgion

“In her ‘down time’ Morgion prefers dark, muted colors. Unobtrusive, nondescript garb that helps the wearer blend into shadows or remain unseen. Her outfit is suitable for comfortable meditation in the Undercity or some quiet back-alley assassination work.

No armor or metal since she wears those normally, and plate is bad for stealth. She feels that she must always be prepared for combat, so a small, easily-concealable yet sturdy weapon is a must. The sword is purposefully generic to hinder identification or eyewitness testimony. The lantern is a special Forsaken invention; it sheds illumination only visible to undead creatures.”

Gear: Morgion

Head: Cultist Acolyte’s Hood
Shoulder: Bloodthirsty Fireweave Shoulders
Shirt: Undercity Doublet
Chest: Black Mageweave Vest
Belt: Belt of False Promises
Legs: Leggings of the Icy Heart
Boots: Conjurer’s Shoes
Bracers: Wraithcloth Bindings
Gloves: Flax Gloves
Cape: Drape of Unyielding Strength
Right Hand: Assassin’s Short Blade
Left Hand: Accountant’s Lantern

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Vidyala wears so many hats- Guild Master, stunningly talented artist, blogger, community resource- that it’s sometimes easy to forget that she is a world-class raider, steadfastly leading her guild, Business Time, to heroic victory after heroic victory.

Many of us began reading- and fell in love with- Vid’s writing on her wildly popular (and now retired) Pugging Pally blog. She brings the same wit and wisdom to the Mage-focused Manalicious blog, whether waxing introspective on the role alts play in a raider’s success or jovially sharing her personal reasons for playing. Smart, insightful, and self-deprecating, Vid is the raid leader we all wish we had.

Vidyala’s Notes, Outfit 1: Millya

“Millya had a tough time deciding what to wear! This is
an outfit that has always seemed perfect for a fire mage to me. It’s a lesser-known (not tier) set appropriate for anyone who is a mage – or just wants to look like one sometimes (I can’t blame you). I love the hits of orange with the paler purple, and the fingerless gloves. They allow dexterity for spell-casting!

This is one of my favourite, easily obtainable Burning Crusade sets. Although the set bonuses are mage
specific, anyone can collect them as they all drop in Burning Crusade five-man instances and are not restricted by class. No coordinating shoes are included, because…well, Millya doesn’t wear shoes. If you are sadly bereft of hooves, I’m sure you could find a pair to look nice anyhow.”

Gear, Outfit 1: Millya

Head: Incanter’s Cowl
Shoulder: Incanter’s Pauldrons
Chest: Incanter’s Robe
Hands: Incanter’s Gloves
Waist: Sash of Arcane Visions
Main Hand: Blood Boil Lancet

Vidyala’s Notes, Outfit 2: Vidyala

“Vid, being a paladin, doesn’t often have occasion to wear cloth. The only time she wears cloth is when she’s working on
inventing, fixing, breaking, or otherwise exploding something.

Appropriately, here she is in a ‘working’ outfit, with the beginnings of her tiny robot army, and a stick of dynamite. What else does a lady need?”

Gear, Outfit 2: Vidyala

Head: Visage Liquification Goggles
Chest: Mechbuilder’s Overalls
Shirt: Red Workman’s Shirt
Hands: Archmage Gloves (random stat)
Waist: None (any brown belt would do, if you’d like one)
Feet: Bloodvine Boots
Main Hand: Arclight Spanner
Off Hand: Thermotastic Egg Timer

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Disciplinary Action

Terrible cartoonist, mediocre priest, and unrepentant abuser of PUG tanks, Liala should certainly not be a part of such rarified company. Unfortunately for all concerned, no one could prevent her lamentable inclusion.

Liala’s Notes

“I always get excited about outfits that look profoundly different from the intended ‘look’ or feel of a class; as someone who plays priests almost exclusively, my fed-up factor with loose dresses could not be overestimated.

I knew I wanted pants, above all else, and whatever I could find that was the opposite of ethereal and/or saintly. The Silver Thread set, with its figure-hugging cut and Borg-like sensibilities, immediately appealed to me. The addition of a pair of non-Engineer quest goggles and updated belt completed a look that was miles away from the standard servant of the light, but still evocative of the speedy ninja heals of the Discipline Priest.”


Head: Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles
Chest: Silver-Thread Armor
Shoulders: [None, though Astralaan Shoulderpads, Darkcloth Shoulders, Ironweave Mantle, Laughing Skull, Zandalar Demoniac’s Mantle, or Duskhallow Mantle all match the look (and it looks bizarrely amazing with any of the spiky PvP shoulders or Light-Mantle of the Incarnate)]
Shirt: Recruit’s Vest
Hands: Silver-Thread Gloves
Waist: Silver-Lined Belt
Legs: Silver-Thread Pants
Feet: Silver-Thread Boots

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  1. This was a lot of fun to do, thanks for the invite and kind words Liala! It’s always super fun to see what people come up with with total – yet restricted – freedom. As always, your choices were self-deprecatingly hilarious. 😀 Everyone’s outfits were so unique!

    I was very amazed to find that there were some cloth pieces that let you have the robe look without being an actual robe – the “skirt” Morgion is wearing is actually legs-only, which means you can mix and match with whatever chest piece you want. I love options like that (though there aren’t many, as far as I know). Sadly, there are no such options for non-Paladin plate wearers, or else I’d be using them for Transmog purposes in a heartbeat.


    • It was truly my pleasure, and I have to thank you for jumping in and having fun with it! I just love the outfit and the overall look of Morgion’s pose, skulking around Worgentown, up to no good… hey, a gril’s gotta eat, right?

      I wish, I wish that there was a ‘skirt’ option for the plate-wearing classes (if there is, I haven’t found it!). But we can always fall back on our priests to look- as ever- TOTALLY AWESOME. 😀


    • I do too. It can be interpreted a lot of ways – techno-ninja, borg, Matrix-style – love it. Clown, my foot!

      I’m really surprised at the diversity of outfits that people chose. I thought, given the constraints, we might all come up with very similar looks. I was very, very wrong. 🙂


      • …Matrix-Borg-techno-ninja-style! Ity has that certain *something* 🙂

        I really expected certain repeated themes in the outfits, but really, everyone went wild (with the exception of goggles, but I think we can all agree that goggles are the bomb). It was wonderful to see so much diverssity and fun- and particularly to see how perfectly people’s choices suited their personalities!


  2. This is such a marvelous idea! I love the diversity of outfits and how both the outfits themselves and the notes about them are so characteristic of their creators.

    But really, Liala, you give yourself far too little credit. 😛


  3. This was so much fun to do (and to read), thanks again for the invite, Liala! I love how everyone came up with completely different things (although it’s worth noting that there are more goggles represented than any other headgear, further proof that goggles are basically awesome).

    I’m tempted to play my leveling disc priest now for the “speedy ninja heals…”


  4. This has been a very inspiring post, thank you! I’ve been much more interested in seeing people put together outifts that are different rather than just giving in and going with tier sets. I’m still trying to find an outfit for my little Disco Dwarf, but these have really inspired me to go back to the research and find something that works.


    • While tier sets can look really nice, I personally really enjoyed the challenge of finding something different. While a lot of the old PvP sets really have some great looks, it’s a lot of fun trying to take an interesting piece and building an outfit around it.


  5. I’m actually not a great fan of tier sets in truth. They always seem impossibly silly with ridiculous shoulders, or unnecessarily spikey, or look like you need to carry a portable generator to power all the lights…or a combination of all three!

    With my new boost of inspiration, I rushed off again to try harder to come up with an outfit that suited the Dwarf Wench and finally I think I’ve found it!
    Feel free to take a peek: http://wp.me/p1P5Kk-2v

    It felt to me just the sort of outfit I would expect to see a dwarf in…all muted tones and a hint of metal and leather whilst still all being cloth pieces. I’m ready to Disco in style now. Bring on 4.3!


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