Episode #28: One Of These Things Is Just Like The Others


Disciplinary Action #28

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  1. Brilliant. xD This happens more frequently than it should, unfortunately.

    In fact, I’m reminded of my last low-level Deadmines run, where our healer was a charming worgen druid that stayed in cat form to DPS, pulled the first boss while we were asking why she wasn’t healing the tank, and did not cast a single heal (though she was quick to try and cast one when the enemies were killing her). When she died, she asked why we weren’t rezzing her. 😛 She was kicked.

    Stupid druids, not knowing how to use their forms responsibly!


    • I see a whole series of bumper stickers: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Feral Tank”…. “Bare Durids R 4 Heal”… “Aggro Kitty Sez Heal Your Own Ass”… etc, ad nauseum. 😀 Poor druids. They do get the sticky end of the stick when it comes to irresponsible forms!


  2. I wish this were less true than it is.

    (One thing I wanted to point out, your “next” links seem not to be working at the moment…we can see all the comics from the “View All Comics” link, or jump to the previous one, but that one link seems to be missing on the last several episodes)

    Spirit leather? Oh, I only WISH I could find some spirit leather. Though, I guess by the time you get to Dire Maul, there may be a few pieces lying around. 🙂


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