The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt II Redux

Kamlia (of Kamalia et Alia fame) and Angelya (of Revive and Rejuvenate fame) provided the energy behind this year’s Second Annual Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt. Participants hid some variation of ‘egg’ (in word, thought, or deed) in their blogs, and the hunters were tasked with finding every instance of ovoidation. After reading over the list of hiding places, I can only stand in awe at the creativity employed by my fellow writers!

Kamalia, who is a wonderful artist of all things Azerothian, even gifted Disciplinary Action with a fabulous portrait of Kachunk and Liala as a thank-you gift for providing one of the prizes. She also immortalized Fyreuni’s characters for her work with the contest, and everyone looks their best in Noblegarden finery. Do check it out.

Congratulations to Rades for winning the contest and his record THIRD personalized Disciplinary Action (I think at this point he just needs his own series). Work has already begun on a work for his Death Knight of such surpassing beauty that I feel certain he’ll treasure it forever, or at least wait until his next hard drive cleanup to delete it.

Hider participants included: Azeroth AppleBag OverflowbubblespecCannot Be TamedChristine’s BlogCynwise’s Battlefield ManualGreen Tinted GogglesDaily QuestsDwarven Battle MedicElfi’s WorldFel ConcentrationFlavor TextFuzzy_Magicz Magical ParlourJaded AltKamalia et aliaManaliciousMuradin MusingsOddcraftOrcish Army KnifePerish TwiceRaid Traumared cow riseRevive and RejuvenateScribblings on the Asylum WallThe WOW DebutanteTop Rosters, and World of Saz

(Which comprises a great list, by the way, of WoW bloggers to check out!)

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