Stained Class Series: The Hunter

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5 thoughts on “Stained Class Series: The Hunter

  1. The Dwarf is a fine pick, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. For the Dwarf’s pet, a bear is ideal. Here is the answer to both: the opening cinematic. The opening of the Vanilla cinematic is an iconic moment in this game, and for that we got a dorf and his bar. Anna boomsitck 🙂

    The helm’s a good choice, even though I never turned it on; but if a helm must be shown, that’s a good one. I guess I have never gotten the logic behind Blizz’s idea of what a helm looks like.

    Well, thanks for doing me class and me homies proud. ❤


    1. It’s just not possible for me to think of a hunter as anything other than a dwarf. The bear idea is an excellent one! Sadly, I wasn’t playing in Vanilla, but it sounds like a classic moment of historic Dwarfdom. Only sorry I didn’t get to watch it!


      1. You can see the cinematic from within the game’s login screen – there’s a little “cinematic” at the lower-right corner, thereabouts.

        The reveal of Ironforge still gives me chills. (NOT INTENDED)


  2. Interesting choice of colour scheme (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it!). I have a feeling the Greek goddess Artemis had a hand in that :>
    Also, are those pet collars hanging from his hand? Good idea, but I would’ve preferred an iconic bow or gun.
    Overall I’m a little disappointed in this one but it’s still quite good – just not as good as the others.
    Looking forward to the Death Knight and am interested to see what you come up with for Warrior!


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