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Welcome back to the Stained Class series!

I’ve been messing around lately with a few new artistic styles, and have gotten a great deal of inspiration from Medieval manuscripts and period stained glass pieces. I was so pleased with the way the original Priest piece turned out that I decided to execute all of the Warcraft classes in the same style in a series called ‘Stained Class’.

Today’s installation of the Stained Class series is that master of the ranged attack, the Hunter. With their traps, and arrows, tracking and pets, Hunters are as formidable at PvP as they are in raids and solo questing. I agonized for a long time over which pets to represent- how do you choose one or two out of all the available companions?- and finally came to the conclusion that the very breadth of choice is what makes pet ownership such fun. This Hunter has plenty of available slots.

I struggled, too over whether to create a Troll or Dwarf Hunter. In the end, classicism won out and Ironforge’s finest was called into service. I hope my many Hunter friends enjoy it!

Two items of general note:

(1) I’ve set up an FAQ for the Stained Class series. And yes, it includes the answer to what seems to be everyone’s most burning question: “What set is that character wearing?!”

(2) Several people have emailed me that their comments haven’t been showing up. I promise I’m not deleting them! Please note: If you use the words ‘stained glass’ anywhere in your comment, it gets eaten by a spam filter I set up for the absolutely insane number of stained glass spam comments I was getting.

Available, as ever, for any non-profitcredited use.


(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Hunter, stained glass
iPhone & Smart Phone Background
(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Hunter, stained glass
iPad & Tablet Background


  1. The Dwarf is a fine pick, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. For the Dwarf’s pet, a bear is ideal. Here is the answer to both: the opening cinematic. The opening of the Vanilla cinematic is an iconic moment in this game, and for that we got a dorf and his bar. Anna boomsitck 🙂

    The helm’s a good choice, even though I never turned it on; but if a helm must be shown, that’s a good one. I guess I have never gotten the logic behind Blizz’s idea of what a helm looks like.

    Well, thanks for doing me class and me homies proud. ❤


  2. Interesting choice of colour scheme (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it!). I have a feeling the Greek goddess Artemis had a hand in that :>
    Also, are those pet collars hanging from his hand? Good idea, but I would’ve preferred an iconic bow or gun.
    Overall I’m a little disappointed in this one but it’s still quite good – just not as good as the others.
    Looking forward to the Death Knight and am interested to see what you come up with for Warrior!


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