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Welcome back to the Stained Class series!

I’ve been messing around lately with a few new artistic styles, and have gotten a great deal of inspiration from Medieval manuscripts and period stained glass pieces. I was so pleased with the way the original Priest piece turned out that I decided to execute all of the Warcraft classes in the same style in a series called ‘Stained Class’.

Today’s installation of the Stained Class series is the elusive Rogue, master of poisons and source of PvP nightmares. It took a while to think of a way to represent this complicated class, but I hope you rogues enjoy it. Now please stop sapping me.

Two items of general note:

(1) I’ve set up an FAQ for the Stained Class series; just click on the main ‘Stained Class’ link to the left to get back there. And yes, it includes the answer to what seems to be everyone’s most burning question: “What set is that character wearing?!”

(2) Several people have emailed me that their comments haven’t been showing up. I promise I’m not deleting them! PLEASE NOTE: If you use the words ‘stained glass’ anywhere in your comment, it gets eaten by a spam filter I set up for the absolutely insane number of stained glass spam comments I was getting. When the Warlock was posted, I checked and counted over 2,500 stained glass spam comments in my filter. Who knew?(And now I’ve said the ‘SG’ word three times in this post, so things are about to get ugly.)

Available, as ever, for any non-profitcredited use.


(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Rogue, stained glass
iPhone & Smart Phone Background
(c) Disciplinary Action - Stained Class: The Rogue, stained glass
iPad & Tablet Background


  1. Excellent, my class has finally been done. Good to see you chose the best rogue race for the picture!
    I’m glad you went with green rather than yellow. I don’t see how yellow is roguelike at all., but it’s always used.
    Another great piece, thank you.


    • I’ve never gotten the yellow/rogue thing either (whereas green, of course, is the perfect poison compliment!). And somehow undead rogues just seem… right! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Absolutely superb. Love every single aspect of it. I’m a fan of fan of knives, the tier 10 colouring (my personal pinnacle of raiding enjoyment), and the pvp mask. Kudos.


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