Stained Class Series: The Priest

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12 thoughts on “Stained Class Series: The Priest

  1. Very, very stylish and cool. I now see what you were doing! I always love the looks of stained glass. Have you seen the ones in Ulduar’s basement? Amazing. I always take screenshots whenever I head down there.


  2. I’ve always liked the stained glass style, too, but I particularly like the simplicity of your design, drawing the eye to the priest’s genuflection and iconic staff. Beautiful work.


    1. I’ve actually already mapped out all the class race/gender combos; I didn’t want to get to the end and say, “Ooo, druids- but I’ve already drawn a nelf and a Worgen. And a Tauren and Troll. … shit.” So no hints and no peeking!


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