WoW Twitterparty: Finalized!

Do you play WoW? Do you have a Twitter account? It’s party time!

Join your Twitter friends Friday, March 4th at 5pm PST/6pm MT/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST for a party on Fizzcrank – US!

We’ll roll some DKs, terrorize the starting area, and then attack the unsuspecting in Alterac Valley in a massive wave of under-geared PHEAR!


  1. Go to Fizzcrank – US
  2. Roll a Death Knight with your Twitter name on either faction. (They can look like your main or not, as you’re so inclined.) If you would like to participate in the Alterac Valley PvP Death Knight Attack, please roll an Alliance DK.
  3. Meet up at the DK starting area for a fun few minutes or an entire evening of  chatting, /mooning, group-pwning the starting area, and the Alterac Valley DK Sweep.

We’ll will be on Vent and Mumble; both have been volunteered (thanks to Time Wasted Tuesday and Spazmoosifer!). Vent and/or Mumble details will be /whispered to anyone who messages me in-game, to avoid broadcasting the info all over the internets; I’ll be playing Discopriest.

I’ll be there as an Alliance-flavored @DiscoPriest; see you then!




  1. Can I join the party even if I’m not on Twitter? I’m not sure yet if I’ll actually be able to be there, but I’m so tempted to roll a Night Elf DK on Fizzcrank, just in case….


  2. Sounds like fun! I’d like to come, but I will probably be a bit late. My son doesn’t go to bed until 8pm EST, but I will sign in as soon as I put him to bed. Are late arrivals ok?


  3. Tempted to just name my DK Tinkertoy, because Tinkertoytan or Tinkertoytak is just…/facepalm. Do we have any Tinkertoy twitter accounts so I don’t ninja steal it? I fear if I’m Tinkertoytak or tan I’ll spend the whole time going WINNING xD


  4. Yay party! Will have to reroll my DK Alliance then; AV sounds like fun. 😀 I’ll also probably have to use a special character so I can use the name LadyLatias. x3

    I may not be able to stay all night, but an hour or two will probably work. 🙂 But unless something unforeseen comes up, I do plan on being there!


  5. So bummed I missed this! My son ended up staying up way passed his bedtime last night and by the time I put him down I was exhausted. Hope you all had fun!


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