WoW Twitterparty

The finalized version of this post is here.


Do you play WoW? Do you have a Twitter account? Is it party time?

Join your Twitter friends Saturday, March 5th TBD (see below) at 5pm PST/6pm MT/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST for a party on Fizzcrank – US.

Take the survey to determine which night we’ll do it at Survey Monkey. We’ll go with whatever gets the most votes!


  1. Go to Fizzcrank – US
  2. Roll a Death Knight with your Twitter name on either faction. (They can look like your main or not, as you’re so inclined.)
  3. Meet up at the DK starting area for a fun few minutes or an entire evening of Β chatting, /mooning, or group-pwning the starting area.

We’ll have a Vent or Mumble set up (as soon as someone volunteers one) for cross-faction talking.

I’ll be there as an Alliance-flavored @DiscoPriest; see you then!

PS – Please do feel free to steal the Twitter DK for your own blog or website. I made it, so no one will come after you. My gift to the Twitterverse!


  1. I must agree with Bika, that Twitter bird is incredibly creepy, but also is made of 10 shades of win. I thoroughly approve.

    Unless I can make magic happen in 8 days, I may have to be there in Twitter spirit. Whether or not I make it, I hope this is a great success! Sounds like a ton of fun : )


  2. Hrm…I may just have to join ya (assuming that I actually remember), and hey, I have a Mumble server that people could use (though I believe I currently have it capped at 100 people)


  3. I can’t believe someone already had LadyLatias taken on the server. >>;

    Well, reserved her as Cerylia in the hopes I’m able to make it. (She actually turned out pretty well for a DK!) It’s a fun idea and hopefully I can show up for a bit. πŸ™‚


  4. Silly ideia:

    We talk, have fun in the starting area, then complete the starting quests, return to our cities. There, each side create their own guild — something like “Disco Loves” and “Disco Haters” or “Disco Friends” and “Disco Foes”. Then join random BGs as large groups in the hopes of facing each other or scaring the others by seeing groups of, numbers allowing, 10+ DKs in the opposite side.


  5. Creepy DK Twitter Bird has compelled me with its’ eyes to park Rezznul there.

    OK, what is the drink minimum going to be? Well, I’ll get started right now, to have a head start.


  6. That’s one creepy DK birdie! (though awesome)

    I hope you guys will have lots of fun. I wish I could join but I’m on the EU servers *sniffles* I’m expecting screenshots and other things of win afterwards!


  7. I would like to propose an activity, a sub-activity if you will.

    If we can get enough people through the zone, perhaps we could queue up for Alterac Valley and pwn each other’s faces? Maybe summon the elemental lords, upgrade the troops, make it an old-style AV instead of the Zerg rush?

    I, for one, will be there with bells and whistles on.


  8. Remake my main as a DK? Oh yessm! I’ve done that a number of times. I remember when SAN did something similar with the DK leveling zone. It was loads of fun. I may even set up fraps for this one.

    It’s funny. every Night Elf I make looks like Maerdred. So I think I have it done out of memory at this point.


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