The Orc Detective: #4



The Orc Detective #4


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    • Actually, it stresses me out like you wouldn’t believe. It takes hours and hours and hours to draw the comic, which I’ve already outlined, and then I have to sit there and in fifteen minutes agonize over how to say “She wasn’t being very helpful” like Al Capone. Flopsweat like you don’t even know.


      • I’m sorry to hear that this stresses you out… but this is GREAT! You’re so good at it, I can’t wait to see the next one. Very well done.


      • Thanks so much! 😀 And it doesn’t stress me out in a bad way- just a, “Wait, would he really say ‘dizzy as a sack of jacks’?” sort of way. Mobster ghosts will haunt me if I inadvertently malign them!


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