The Orc Detective: #3



The Orc Detective #3


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17 thoughts on “The Orc Detective: #3

  1. Ttrinity says:

    AMG “dress slit from here to booty bay” EFFING hilarious line, Disco. Brilliant. (drumming fingers for moar!)

  2. Rades says:

    Brilliant lines, as always. It’s awesome how quickly you can add character to a person with but a mere 2-3 lines of dialogue! Can’t wait till the next one!

  3. Alas says:

    Grats! You have just changed the way I will describe clothes cut from “here to breakfast.”

    God, I love this series. MORE. MORE!

  4. Rezznul says:

    Hooray! I agree with the mob. MORE!

  5. Saga says:

    More please more! Love the Bogart feel of it all.. good ol’ days :)

  6. ladyerinia says:

    From here to booty bay…

    Oh….Priceless! You rock!

  7. (giggles) The art style is so perfect, and the lines are brilliant! You’re so clever. :D

    I’m enjoying this so far and am excited to see how it plays out. What happened to the husband? Will the detective get to the bottom of this? So much drama and mystery!

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Härju says:

    :D I am loving this stuff so far!

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