The Orc Detective: #2



The Orc Detective #2


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12 thoughts on “The Orc Detective: #2

  1. Ttrinity says:

    This series is so cool! I love the style. Hoping that cafepress sees something from this in the future :P

  2. Glyneth says:

    This is amazing and I hope you keep doing more!

  3. Alas says:

    /shakes fist

    I very nearly snorted coffee out my nose. Love this so very much!

  4. Janyaa says:

    LOL, “…since my ex-wife came to town and got into the kungaloosh.” Anything with a kungaloosh reference is 10 awesome, imo.

    I love the artwork. Especially the shadowy figure through the rain. You’re doing an amazing job. I hope you continue with this series!

  5. Syl says:

    You know, I can almost hear his voice – even and monotonous in true spooky detective story-style! :D

  6. elfindale says:

    Ha, I love it. I can’t wait to keep reading.

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