The Orc Detective: Cover

Something of an introduction is required for today’s comic.

Disciplinary Action is taking a flight of fancy this week, heading into strange and ominous territory with our stand-alone series, ‘The Orc Detective’. The graphically intense nature of this interlude requires more time than our standard Disciplinary Action episode, and so we ask that you bear with us as the comic unfolds. We hope that it’s as entertaining for you to read as it has been to draw.

Thank you for your patience and continued readership, and… enjoy!
Disciplinary Action


The Orc Detective Cover


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9 thoughts on “The Orc Detective: Cover

  1. Rezznul says:

    Oh, wow. I can’t wait!

    You are too good to us. <3

  2. Rades says:

    SO AMAZING. It reminds me of the old Batman: Animated Series cartoon which I ADORE. Cannot wait to see more! :D

  3. Saga says:

    Looking forward to seeing more :)

  4. Can I expect the detective to be a certain articulate, dashing orc we all know and love? :3

    My curiosity is piqued and I cannot wait to see how this unfolds! :D

  5. lizzia620 says:

    Oh man. Definitely worth waiting for!! /ebilcackles >:3

  6. ladyerinia says:

    Just so you know, I disturbed my class when i saw this. <3

  7. […] with a desktop capture of Liala drawing this week’s episode. We’re currently working on The Orc Detective, which uses Illustrator & Photoshop CS5 and extensive use of the a Wacom Intuous 4 […]

  8. […] The Orc Detective by Disciplinary Action […]

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