Final Call: Raid Recruitment

We’re down to our last three openings over at <Waypoint>, A-Medivh! If you’re looking to raid Monday and Saturday evenings at 8pm, we’d be charmed to hear from you. Our apologies, but we are no longer actively seeking applications for slots other than those listed below.

If you feel you have something exceptional to offer – or just very much want to join Waypoint – and are not one of the classes listed here, by all means to drop us a line but do know that, due to the volume of response received thus far, we may not be able to respond to all non-requested applications individually.

Server transfers welcome.

 Elemental Shaman: A solid Restoration off-spec would be a bonus.



Mage: Flavor-independent. Must be feisty.



Retribution Paladin: A solid Protection offspec would be a bonus.



Please email disciplinaryaction at yahoo dot com to request an application.



  1. Feisty! Well, naturally. I possess these qualities, along with a hefty dose of awesome. Alas, I am happily guilded. I hope you find one of my brethren, though! (Is it wrong to always get a bit excited when I see recruitment for mages then think, “But wait…I HAVE a guild. But if I didn’t…!”)


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