Disciplinary Action: Episode #20


With sincere apologies to Rades

Episode #20: Engineering 101

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  1. It makes me unbelieveably sad that the looterang is engineering only. Do you realize that just that one item would make engineers rich beyond their wildest dreams? Seriously… obscenely rich. I’m just saying.

    Great comic as always 😀


  2. Poor girl. Envying those privileged engineers and their fun gadgets.

    I’m currently leveling engineering on my dwarf hunter, and so far it’s really fun. Though a lot of work. 🙂

    As always, a very nice comic! 😀


    • He’s a positive paragon of engineering efficiency. I wonder how many innocent souls he’s taken down that dark path with him?!

      (And I really may need to level that engineering alt, after looking up all the eng-only items for the comic. I had no idea you bastards had SO MUCH!)


      • I still have no idea how much we have… I really need to make a list of where all the cool stuff is and the mats I’ll need to farm… hmm, there might be a post in this!


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