Disc Priest Gear: Using Wowhead To Your Advantage

Wowhead.com has a most excellent feature that I think few of us use to its fullest extent.

If you click on “Database > Items > Armor”, you can choose ‘Priest’ and then ‘Discipline’ (or whatever) from the dropdown menu titled “Start Weighting… Preset:”.

Doing this gives you a list of all gear for Discipline Priests in one huge list (I’d recommend limiting the required level or iLevel – 333 or higher if you want to run Heroics).

In the results, off to the right, there’s a ‘Score’ that shows how good it is for the spec you selected in ‘Presets’.

The down side is that it doesn’t have any commentary, but for pure numbers and names, it can’t be beat.


  1. ❤ Wowhead! I've used the filters to find quest reward gear while leveling my druid to 85. It's indispensable! Methinks I'll do the same to boost my priest's questing in GTFOrend.


  2. Thank you for this great tip! Helped me out for sure. Small thing i miss is that currently Disc has 2 ways 2 heal (tank / aoe). The gear shown on wowhead doesn’t calculate what your role is in raids. I guess a bit of common sence is needed, but hey its a start!


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